Capital letter A

Alphabets and writing systems

Introductions to alphabets and other writing systems, including almost all the writing systems currently in use and many extinct ones.

Letters from various alphabets

Fullstop in the Lovecraftian script

Constructed scripts

A collection of scripts invented by visitors to Omniglot, and for use in books, films, TV programmes and computer games.

Some words in Tengwar

Chinese word for language

Discover languages

Introductions to many languages, details of language families, advice on how to learn languages, and language-related articles and videos.

The word 'language' in various languages

Hello in various languages

Learn languages

A collection of phrases, numbers idioms, tongue twisters and other material you can use to learn the basics of many different languages.

Hello in various languages

New in Chinese (xīn)

What's new?

New and improved pages on Omniglot.

News in various languages

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