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What's new on Omniglot?

This page lists significant additions and changes to Omniglot with the most recent at the top. The small changes I make more or less every day are too numerous to include here.

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19th April

New language: Ixil

New con-script: Andrelian

New numbers page: Vai

New article: Cultural Awareness: Know Before You Move to a New Country

12th April

New language: Fanagalo

New numbers page: Gagauz

New articles
- Why Korean Hangul (한글) is such an attractive written language
- Speech Errors and What They Reveal About Language

5th April

New con-script: KoreoViet

New adapted script: Tengwar for Icelandic

New numbers page: Negidal

New articles:
- Guide to Australian English for tourists
- About Pidgins and Creoles

New recordings: Papiamento phrases

29th March

New con-script: Uriovakiro

New numbers page: Lingwa de planeta

New articles: Benefits of Learning a Second Language
- About MT, CT and Getting Lost in Translation
- On the Origin of Language
- Why a business needs a multilingual website

22nd March

New con-scripts: Greli, Kraaienveer and Nusantara

New numbers pages: Crimean Tatar, Koasati and Lingala

15th March

New con-script: Mifi

New articles: The Challenge of Esperanto
- Subliminal Language Learning – Fact or Myth?

New numbers pages: Balangao and Choctaw

New Tower of Babel translations: Balangao and Choctaw

8th March

New languages: Atikamekw and Yuchi/Euchee

New numbers pages: Atikamekw, Bambara and Interslavic

New phrases page: Atikamekw

New Tower of Babel translation: Interslavic

New articles: The difference between dashes in the English language
10 Apps for Studying Language

1st March

New phrases pages: Abkhaz, British English, Chipewyan and Rusyn

New Tower of Babel translation in: Vulgar Latin and Late Vulgar Latin (Proto-Romance)

Improved page: Kyrgyz phrases

22nd February

New language: Interslavic

New colours page: Portuguse

New numbers page: Soga

New articles: On Language, Thought, and Mind
Start Learning Spanish with a Great App

New Tower of Babel translation in: Soga

15th February

New alphabet: Kawi

New language: Sarikoli

New con-script: Ainu Apukita

8th February

New con-script: Ingari

New numbers pages: Sarikoli and Shughni

New article: Can you successfully learn a language online?

Improved page: Tocharian

1st February

New con-script: Femsha

New articles: Language Learning on the Go and Learning New Languages Online - An Enriching Experience Indeed

New recordings of: Tagalog phrases

New video (in Breton):

25th January

New language: Shughni

New phrases page: Khoekhoe (Nama)

New recording in: Bikol

New numbers pages: Khoekhoe (Nama) and Wolof

18th January

New language: Yagua

New con-script: Sprykski

New recordings of the: Sakha phrases

Improved page: Tok Pisin phrases

11th January

New con-script: Tuimuq Qanaa

New Tower of Babel translation: Blue Hmong

New article: Is the Italian language difficult for English speakers to learn?

Improved page: language family index page

4th January 2015

New article: "Tip-of-the-Tongue" Syndrome: What It Reveals About Language

New numbers page in: Somali

New Tower of Babel translations: Eastern Arctic Inuktitut and Kamono and Labrador Inuttut

New about the author translation in: Cornish

Multilingual Happy New Year!

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