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You can contact Simon Ager, the person behind this site, at:
The email address for your questions

Please note

  • I run this website on my own.
  • If you're a translator please do not send me your CV - I cannot offer you any work.
  • Please read my FAQs page, and try putting your question into your favourite search engine. If you can't find an answer, I may be able to help. Or you could post your questions on the Omniglot Facebook group, so that everybody can learn from the answers.
  • Please post requests for translations and help with deciphering mysterious inscriptions on the Omniglot Facebook group. While I do speak some languages, I'm not a translator and being able to speak a language doesn't mean that you can translate into/from it.
  • There is no charge for the information and advice I provide, but donations are always welcome.

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