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About the Omniglot logo

The Omniglot logo, which appears at the top of this page and every other page on this site, looks like an old Chinese character, but is in fact the word 'omniglot' in a style of calligraphy known as Vertical English Character and Calligraphy (VEC).

VEC was invented by Yongsheng Zhao, who designed the basic shape of the Omniglot logo - I redrew it as a vector image in Fireworks, and the added the 3D effects and the background.

Here's a larger version of the logo:

Omniglot logo

Omniglot You need to look at it sideways to see the word omniglot, as the image on the right demonstrates.

The part on the right spells out 'omni', and the part on the left spells out 'glot'. The shape of some of the letters has been changed to fit the style.

Round versions

Here are some round versions of the logo I came up with.

Omniglot round logo

Original versions

Here are the versions of the logo that Yongsheng Zhao designed:

Omniglot VEC logos

More examples of VEC

Yongsheng Zhao's website


If you found this page, congratulations! There are only two links to it on the whole of this site, so it's a kind of Easter egg.


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