The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11: 1-9)

Chuukese / Trukese

Ewe Tower non Babylon

  1. Nepoputan, chon fonufan meinisin ra chok fos non ew sokkun kapas.
  2. Nupwen aramas ra fetan fein tori ötiw, ra kuna ew neeni mi sȯnosȯnöch non ewe fonu Babylonia o ra nomeno ie.
  3. Iwe ra kapas fengen nefiner, ra apasa, “Sipwe ne föri ekkoch brick o sipwe umunir pwe repwe pochokun.“ Iwe ra apacha fengeni ekkewe brick ngeni konta.
  4. Iwe ra apasa, “Sipwe ne aueta ew ach teninimw o ew tower epwe fakkun tekiata ngeni nang, iwe sipwe ne iteföunȯ sisap paras fetan won unusen fonufan.“
  5. Iwe ewe SAMOL a feitiw pwe epwe nengeni ewe teninimw me ewe tower ekkewe aramas ra aueta.
  6. Iwe a apasa, “Ekkei aramas meinsin ir ew chok o ar fos ew chok. Iwe a iei chok poputan met repwe ne föri. Muttir chok repwe ne tongeni föri mettcoh meinisin ra mochen!
  7. Sipwe ne feitiw o oruka ar fos pwe resap chuwen sinei fengeni ar kapas.“
  8. Iwe ewe SAMOL a aparasa fetaner won unusen fonufan o ra köunȯ ne aueta ewe teninimw.
  9. Iei popun ewe teninimw a iteni Babylon, pokiten ewe SAMOL a asokka feseni ar kapas o a aparasa fetaner won unusen fonufan.

Source: Ewe Kapasen God Ngeni Aramasen Chuk Ikenai. Testamen Noom me Testamen Söfö. Poraus Allim Ngeni Aramas Meinisin. Bible in Trukese. United Bible Societies, 1991.

Contributed by Wolfgang Kuhl

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