The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11: 1-9)

Deseret (𐐔𐐯𐑅𐐨𐑉𐐯𐐻)

  1. 𐐈𐑌𐐼 𐑄 𐐸𐐬𐑊 𐐲𐑉𐑃 𐐶𐐲𐑆 𐐲𐑂 𐐶𐐲𐑌 𐑊𐐰𐑍𐑀𐐶𐐮𐐾, 𐐰𐑌𐐼 𐐲𐑂 𐐶𐐲𐑌 𐑅𐐹𐐨𐐽.
  2. 𐐈𐑌𐐼 𐐮𐐻 𐐿𐐩𐑋 𐐻𐐭 𐐹𐐰𐑅, 𐐰𐑆 𐑄𐐩 𐐾𐐲𐑉𐑌𐐨𐐲𐐼 𐑁𐑉𐐲𐑋 𐑄 𐐨𐑅𐐻, 𐑄𐐰𐐻 𐑄𐐩 𐑁𐐵𐑌𐐼 𐐩 𐐹𐑊𐐩𐑌 𐐮𐑌 𐑄 𐑊𐐰𐑌𐐼 𐐲𐑂 𐐟𐐴𐑌𐐪𐑉; 𐐰𐑌𐐼 𐑄𐐩 𐐼𐐶𐐯𐑊𐐻 𐑄𐐯𐑉.
  3. 𐐈𐑌𐐼 𐑄𐐩 𐑅𐐪𐐮𐐼 𐐶𐐲𐑌 𐐻𐐭 𐐲𐑌𐐲𐑄𐐲𐑉, 𐐘𐐬 𐐻𐐭, 𐑊𐐯𐐻 𐐲𐑅 𐑋𐐩𐐿 𐐺𐑉𐐮𐐿, 𐐰𐑌𐐼 𐐺𐐲𐑉𐑌 𐑄𐐯𐑋 𐑃𐑉𐐭𐑊𐐨. 𐐈𐑌𐐼 𐑄𐐩 𐐸𐐰𐐼 𐐺𐑉𐐮𐐿 𐑁𐐫𐑉 𐑅𐐻𐐬𐑌, 𐐰𐑌𐐼 𐑅𐑊𐐴𐑋 𐐸𐐰𐐼 𐑄𐐩 𐑁𐐫𐑉 𐑋𐐫𐑉𐐻𐐲𐑉.
  4. 𐐈𐑌𐐼 𐑄𐐩 𐑅𐐪𐐮𐐼, 𐐘𐐬 𐐻𐐭, 𐑊𐐯𐐻 𐐲𐑅 𐐺𐐮𐑊𐐼 𐐲𐑅 𐐩 𐑅𐐮𐐻𐐨 𐐰𐑌𐐼 𐐩 𐐻𐐬𐐲𐑉, 𐐸𐐭𐑆 𐐻𐐪𐐹 𐑋𐐩 𐑉𐐨𐐽 𐐲𐑌𐐻𐐭 𐐸𐐯𐑂𐐲𐑌; 𐐰𐑌𐐼 𐑊𐐯𐐻 𐐲𐑅 𐑋𐐩𐐿 𐐲𐑅 𐐩 𐑌𐐩𐑋, 𐑊𐐯𐑅𐐻 𐐶𐐨 𐐺𐐨 𐑅𐐿𐐰𐐻𐐲𐑉𐐲𐐼 𐐲𐐺𐑉𐐫𐐼 𐐲𐐹𐐪𐑌 𐑄 𐑁𐐩𐑅 𐐲𐑂 𐑄 𐐸𐐬𐑊 𐐲𐑉𐑃.
  5. 𐐈𐑌𐐼 𐑄 𐐢𐐃𐐡𐐔 𐐿𐐩𐑋 𐐼𐐵𐑌 𐐻𐐭 𐑅𐐨 𐑄 𐑅𐐮𐐻𐐨 𐐰𐑌𐐼 𐑄 𐐻𐐬𐐲𐑉, 𐐶𐐮𐐽 𐑄 𐐽𐐮𐑊𐐼𐑉𐐲𐑌 𐐲𐑂 𐑋𐐯𐑌 𐐺𐐮𐑊𐐼𐐲𐐼.
  6. 𐐈𐑌𐐼 𐑄 𐐢𐐃𐐡𐐔 𐑅𐐪𐐮𐐼, 𐐒𐐮𐐸𐐬𐑊𐐼, 𐑄 𐐹𐐨𐐹𐐲𐑊 𐐮𐑆 𐐶𐐲𐑌, 𐐰𐑌𐐼 𐑄𐐩 𐐸𐐰𐑂 𐐫𐑊 𐐶𐐲𐑌 𐑊𐐰𐑍𐑀𐐶𐐮𐐾; 𐐰𐑌𐐼 𐑄𐐮𐑅 𐑄𐐩 𐐺𐐮𐑀𐐮𐑌 𐐻𐐭 𐐼𐐭: 𐐰𐑌𐐼 𐑌𐐵 𐑌𐐲𐑃𐐮𐑍 𐐶𐐮𐑊 𐐺𐐨 𐑉𐐮𐑅𐐻𐑉𐐩𐑌𐐲𐐼 𐑁𐑉𐐲𐑋 𐑄𐐯𐑋, 𐐶𐐮𐐽 𐑄𐐩 𐐸𐐰𐑂 𐐮𐑋𐐰𐐾𐐮𐑌𐐼 𐐻𐐭 𐐼𐐭.
  7. 𐐘𐐬 𐐻𐐭, 𐑊𐐯𐐻 𐐲𐑅 𐑀𐐬 𐐼𐐵𐑌, 𐐰𐑌𐐼 𐑄𐐯𐑉 𐐿𐐪𐑌𐑁𐐵𐑌𐐼 𐑄𐐯𐑉 𐑊𐐰𐑍𐑀𐐶𐐮𐐾, 𐑄𐐰𐐻 𐑄𐐩 𐑋𐐩 𐑌𐐪𐐻 𐐲𐑌𐐼𐐲𐑉𐑅𐐻𐐰𐑌𐐼 𐐶𐐲𐑌 𐐲𐑌𐐲𐑄𐐲𐑉'𐐯𐑅 𐑅𐐹𐐨𐐽.
  8. 𐐝𐐬 𐑄 𐐢𐐃𐐡𐐔 𐑅𐐿𐐰𐐻𐐲𐑉𐐲𐐼 𐑄𐐯𐑋 𐐲𐐺𐑉𐐫𐐼 𐑁𐑉𐐲𐑋 𐑄𐐯𐑌𐑅 𐐲𐐹𐐪𐑌 𐑄 𐑁𐐩𐑅 𐐲𐑂 𐐫𐑊 𐑄 𐐲𐑉𐑃: 𐐰𐑌𐐼 𐑄𐐩 𐑊𐐯𐑁𐐻 𐐫𐑁 𐐻𐐭 𐐺𐐮𐑊𐐼 𐑄 𐑅𐐮𐐻𐐨.
  9. 𐐜𐐯𐑉𐑁𐐬𐑉 𐐮𐑆 𐑄 𐑌𐐩𐑋 𐐲𐑂 𐐮𐐻 𐐿𐐫𐑊𐐼 𐐒𐐩𐐺𐐲𐑊; 𐐺𐐮𐐿𐐫𐑆 𐑄 𐐢𐐃𐐡𐐔 𐐼𐐮𐐼 𐑄𐐯𐑉 𐐿𐐪𐑌𐑁𐐵𐑌𐐼 𐑄 𐑊𐐰𐑍𐑀𐐶𐐮𐐾 𐐲𐑂 𐐫𐑊 𐑄 𐐲𐑉𐑃: 𐐰𐑌𐐼 𐑁𐑉𐐲𐑋 𐑄𐐯𐑌𐑅 𐐼𐐮𐐼 𐑄 𐐢𐐃𐐡𐐔 𐑅𐐿𐐰𐐻𐐲𐑉 𐑄𐐯𐑋 𐐲𐐺𐑉𐐫𐐼 𐐲𐐹𐐪𐑌 𐑄 𐑁𐐩𐑅 𐐲𐑂 𐐫𐑊 𐑄 𐐲𐑉𐑃.

Translterated into Deseret by the Deseret Alphabet Translator

Another version of this text, contributed by Wolfgang Kuhl.

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