The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11: 1-9)

Zo / Zomi (Zou)

Babel innsang

  1. Tualeh leitung pumpi ham khat kamsuo khat ana hia.
  2. Tualeh tambang ahing hi a, suolam apat apei lai un, Shinar gamah phaijang khat amu ua, tuanah atengta uhi.
  3. 3Tuachi’n “Kisa un, tehlei kheng vai in, tualeh hoitah in halgaw vai” akichita uhi. Tuachi’n suong taangin tehlei, tualeh akimattuona dingin tar azang uhi.
  4. Tualeh hing pei un, “Khopi khat bawlvai in, innsang avum van suding khat i lamding ua, i min uh thangsah vai, tua ahisihleh leitung pumpi ah kithezah sieng khavai” achi uhi.

Leitunga ham kithethangna

  1. Tuachi’n Mangpa mihing taten abawl uh khopi leh innsang ending in ahing peisuh a.
  2. Tualeh Mangpa’n “envawi un, mite pumkhat hi ua, abawn un ham khat maimai anei uhi. Tualeh tam sil abawl panta ua, tuin asil bawl tup uh khamguol ahita sih ding hi.
  3. Hing pei un, ikuon dinga khatlekhat ham akitheituo louna dingun aham uh ivasulamdang ding uh” achi hi.
  4. Tuachi’n Mangpa’n amauh khum mun apat leitung pumpi ah athezah siengta a, tuachi’n a khopi bawl uh atawpsanta uhi.
  5. Tuaziehin amin khu Babel akichita hi. Mangpa’n khunah leitung pumpi ham a subuoita hi. Tualeh Mangpa’n amauh leitung pumpiah athezah siengta hi.

Source: Siemchilbu 11. Laisiengthou. The Bible in Zomi language. Bible Society of India – 1992.

Contributed by Wolfgang Kuhl

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