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Vietnamese (tiếng việt)

Vietnamese language courses, dictionaries, phrasebooks and other language learning materials.

Note: most Vietnamese materials focus on northern Vietnamese, which is considered the standard dialect and is understood throughout Vietnam.

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Teach Yourself Vietnamese

Teach Yourself Vietnamese

by Dana Healy

- a good introduction to spoken and written Vietnamese. Includes a course book containing dialogues, grammatical notes, exercises and cultural information, together with two CDs with recordings of some of the dialogues and exercises.

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Vietnamese I (Comprehensive)

Vietnamese I (Comprehensive)

by Pimsleur

- an all audio course consisting of a total of 10 half-hour lessons on CD or cassette. Effectively teaches you authentic pronunciation and intonation of Vietnamese, gives you an understanding of the grammar and teaches you a manageable amount of vocabulary.

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Chung Ta Noi: Conversational Vietnamese: An Intermediate Text

Chung Ta Noi: Conversational Vietnamese: An Intermediate Text

by Le Pham Thuy-Kim, Kim-Oanh Nguyen, Nguyen Kim-Oahn

- this textbook focuses on helping you to improve your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in Vietnamese. Includes dialogues, grammar and pronunciation exercises, proverbs, and written exercises taken from Vietnamese newspapers. The book is accompanied by three audio CDs.

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Glossika Northern Vietnamese

Glossika Vietnamese

by Glossika

- Glossika's audiovisual method helps you master comprehension and achieve fluency. Great on its own, or the perfect companion to your ongoing studies.

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Langenscheidt's Pocket Dictionary Vietnamese/English, English, Vietnamese

Langenscheidt's Pocket Dictionary Vietnamese/English, English, Vietnamese

by Langenscheidt Staff

- a good dictionary that also includes notes both northern and southern pronunciation, grammar and Vietnamese culture.

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Rough Guide to Vietnamese Dictionary Phrasebook

Rough Guide to Vietnamese Dictionary Phrasebook

by Lexus

- includes comprehensive two-way word lists, useful dialogues, tips on customs, etiquette and slang, detailed menu readers, and a brief overview of Vietnamese grammar.

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