Ainu Apukita Ainu Apukita

The Ainu Apukita was invented by Daniel Martinez as an alternative to write the Ainu language. It is an abugida based on the Latin alphabet and partly inspired by Fraser alphabet. It also has elements of Cyrillic, some Asian abugidas and a little Japanese (in its letter styles). The name "apukita" is a distortion of the word "abugida".

Notable features

Ainu Apukita


Ainu Apukita vowels

These symbols are used at the beginning of a word which starts with a vowel or when the next sylabble starts with an A.

Vowel diacritics

Ainu Apukita vowel diacritics

The circles represent consonant letters.

Vowel diacritics with p

Ainu Apukita vowel diacritics with p


Ainu Apukita consonants

Each consonant has an inherent [e].


Ainu Apukita punctuation

Sample words

Sample words in Ainu Apukita

Sample text

Sample text in Ainu Apukita


Sinean to ta petetok un sinotas kusu payeas awa, petetokta sine ponrupnekur nesko urai kar kusu uraikik neap kosanikkeukan punas punas.


One day, as I was setting out traveling toward the source of the (river's) water, the walnut wood post was struck as at the water's source a little man all by himself was erecting a walnut wood plank. He was standing there now bent over at the waist and now standing up straight over and over again.


If you would like more details or to make some corrections to make this more accurate to Ainu phonology, pleaese contact the author at

The author will be glad if a native speaker of Ainu could see this.

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