Ainurillic (Аинукириру)

Ainurillic is a way to write Ainu with the Cyrillic alphabet devised by Mr. Plague Doktor. It is based mainly on the Russian alphabet. Ainu (アィヌ・イタㇰ) is a language isolate spoken in Hokkaido in northern Japan, and formerly in the Russian Kuril Islands and Sakhalin.

Ainurillic alphabet

Ainurillic alphabet

Download a script chart for Ainurillic (Excel)

Sample Text in Ainurillic

Шинэан то та пэтэток ун шиноташ кушу паеаш аўа, пэтэтокта шине понрупнэкур нэшко ураи кар кушу ураикик нэап кошаниккэукан пунаш-пунаш.

Latin transliteration

Sinean to ta petetok un sinotas kusu payeas awa, petetokta sine ponrupnekur nesko urai kar kusu uraikik neap kosanikkeukan punas=punas.

Katakana Transcription

Sample text in Ainu in katakana

Japanese Translation

ある日に(川の)水源の方へ(私が)遊ぶに(私が)出かけたら(思いがけなく)(川の)水源に一人の小男が胡桃(くるみ)の木の梁(やな)をたてるため(胡桃の木の)杭を打っていた。 (それに下げた)腰を幾度も上げて立っている。


One day, as I was setting out traveling toward the source of the (river's) water, the walnut wood post was struck as at the water's source a little man all by himself was erecting a walnut wood plank. He was standing there now bent over at the waist and now standing up straight over and over again.
(from the Kamui Yukar)


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