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Modern Hylian script Modern Hylian script

The modern Hylian script (hairiamoji) appears in the Nintendo game: The legend of Zelda, the Wind Waker and was developed by an unknown graphics artist at Nintendo. In the game the script is used in the islands of what used to be Hyrule at least several centuries after the game The Ocarina of Time was set. The script has a very angular and rectangular appearance and is syllabic like the old Hylian script. The modern script also retains a few of the character forms of old Hylian. Unlike old Hylian, the modern script has a system of distinguishing voiced and voiceless consonants. It also has four punctuation marks and a set of numerals.

Notable features

Used to write

Japanese and Hylian (hairiago), a fictional language spoken in the islands of the World of Hyrule by the races of Hyrule.

Modern Hylian script

Modern Hylian script


Hylian numerals


Hylian punctuation Vowel lengthener as used in katakana

Hylian punctuation Period (placed to the bottom right of the final symbol in sentence)

Hylian punctuation Comma (placed on the centerline of a line of text with equal spacing between the separated clauses)

Hylian punctuation Quotation marks and/or brackets (parentheses)

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Information about the Hylian Language

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