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The Olorexh alphabet was invented by Thomas Maska to write his invented language, Olorexh. The language is a splicing of two other languages invented by Thomas, O'horex and Alar. O'horex was much too harsh and Alar was much too soft so he combined them by using most of the grammatical structure of Alar and using O'horex vocabulary and pronouns.

Internal History

Olorexh is spoken by a druidic people who live in the four regions of Adrael's kingdom. Fya, Lera, Dhenos and Mnea. It was once the common language of all the peoples and regions, sent to them by God. However corruption in Church and Scyros led to the use of a new common tongue over the centuries, rendering the Holy Books illegible by most people.

Notable features

Olorexh Alphabet

Olorexh vowels

Olorexh consonants

Sample texts in Olorexh

Sample texts in Olorexh

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If you have any questions about Olorexh, you can contact Thomas Maska at: TomMaska@aol.com

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