Ossetian Arabic (يرون أوراگ)

The Ossetian Arabic alphabet was devised by Ethan Hunt. He was inspired by the Persian alphabet, and he figured that Ossetian, an Iranian language, should be in the Arabic alphabet. However, Ethan is not the first one to adapt the Arabic alphabet to the Ossetian language: it was used in the 19th century. This alphabet takes letters from Persian, Tajik, Arabic, and Kyrgyz.

Ossetian Arabic alphabet

Ossetian Arabic alphabet

Sample text

ادأئمأگتأ سە 'پپأت دأر رائگۇىرىنࢯ سأريبارأئ أمأ أمخۇىرونأئ سأ بارتى. ۇىدون أخخأست ستى زوند أمأ نامىسأئ, أمأ كأرأذيئأن خٔۇامأ ۇوئ أفسىمأرتى خۇىزأن.

Standard Ossetian verison (Cyrillic)

Адӕймӕгтӕ се 'ппӕт дӕр райгуырынц сӕрибарӕй ӕмӕ ӕмхуызонӕй сӕ барты. Уыдон ӕххӕст сты зонд ӕмӕ намысӕй, ӕмӕ кӕрӕдзийӕн хъуамӕ уой ӕфсымӕрты хуызӕн.


All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
(Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

Scripts adapted by Ethan Hunt

Lezgurji, Maltese Arabic, Ossetian Arabic, Turkish Cyrillic

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