Sauropoda Sauropoda

The Sauropoda Alphabet was constructed in 2016 by Ken D. It is used by the fictional Sauropoda people (also created by Ken D) to write their language, Sa'ore'ya.

Historical background (fictional)

The language was devised approximately 180,000 Sauropoda years ago (1,800 years in human time) on their native planet Oluwa-66. They created an alphabet in order to write down historical records of their battles against the Terrapoda people and other alien colonizers. As the Sauropoda were not familiar with the concept of written language, they used simple mathematical-shapes (squares) to construct their block-shaped letters.

The alphabet is composed of 52 symbols; 28 consonants (including clicks and glottal-stops), 22 vowels, two basic punctuation marks, space symbol, an ʻokina (glottal stop)and a fullstop. The script is traditionally written on dried palm-leaves, or in the sand. The script is also a linguistic alternative for the Latin and English alphabets.

Notable features

Sauropoda alphabet

Sauropoda alphabet

Sample text in Sa'ore'ya

Sample text in Sa'ore'ya in the Sauropoda alphabet


Ma’jøtu’nəi chaô’ʓ ùr’ʕú’ʓʊ dəʊqu’əa æklöʡ ma’ná’âʢ’ʖo tlø’ô-chó’ʔò’dõyö Te’ore’ta bhù’túa. Ûx’ʔü aʕü’ʖán âʡʢãʡäʢå’æ efʔiʕiʖʓza qu’rárâ’kãr chaô’ʓ va’ew’ya pa’paninʡ tli ma’a’a jed’a ghi chaô’ʓ ùr’ʕú’ʓʊ mullkʖro sr’a’əʊf tu’nnəi. Chaô’ʓ ge’j pr’bet va’ew’ya pa’paninʡ ghi unt’r Te’re’ta na’køduy nyarn’a chaô’ʓ sundra hån’drâmmit.
Sa’ore’ya Efʔiʕiʖʓza. Bhù’túa Mani.


Today we managed to kill about two-thousand Terrapoda warriors. The blue sun dazzled as we fought and kept the enemies at bay with our spears till they perished. We will continue keeping these Terrapoda from invading our beautiful land.
Sauropoda Victorious. Warrior Mani.

Sample text in English

Sample text in English in the Sauropoda alphabet


All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
(Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

Scripts by C. S. De Silva (Ken D.)

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