The Scar syllabary was created by Jon Molnar for use in a novel he's writing. In the novel the syllabary is used by a draconic race called simply "the dragonkin" by outsiders to their culture, their writing system being called [xɛkɑʃi roʊdɛsɑzi] (The Scars of Rhodesar". Rhodesar, in Shessin (dragonkin) lore, was a great red dragon of insurmountable intellect who created the Shessin and gave them the gift of written language, shaping the glyphs with his claws in a great stone cairn. This cairn bears the sample text below.

Notable features

A Bit of Linguistic History

Printed texts in the Scar Syllabary are kept in left-to-right books or on scrolls and are typically printed with a press or written with a brush in a red ink made from pomegranates.

Initial vowels were originally nonexistant, but over time certain words that used to begin with "h-" have dropped that initial consonant to leave just a vowel. Different regions of the Shessin empire deal with this in different ways, but the standard and most accepted method is by assigning the quaternary L group to the initial vowels.

Scar syllablary

Scar syllabary

Sample text

Sample text in the Scar alphabet

If you have any questions about the Scar alphabet, you can contact Jon Molnar at

Constructed scripts by Jon Molnar

Heptal, Narkhokul, Scar

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