8 Languages Vital for Global Expansion in Business World

by Heather Clark

The modern global business environment is very dynamic and competitive, and it is a no-brainer that you have to work a lot to stand out among your competitors. Especially if you want to reach people who are located in different parts of the world and expand your target audience. The good news is that there is nothing impossible with professional transcription services like Transcriberry. With a reliable expert, you can easily translate your messages and ensure that you can grow a loyal audience all over the world. Let us show you what the most popular languages you should deal with to succeed are!


It goes without saying that English is the most influential language of the business world and academic. There are over 339 million native speakers and much more people who learn English as their second or third language. Therefore, there is no denying the fact that if you want to run a successful startup without emphasis on a specific country or region, you should provide your content in this language. It is not that complicated when you have an English audio text that will reach a lot of people regardless of their common language. However, focusing on audio or video only would be a mistake since listening comprehension is more difficult than reading one.


It sounds really crazy, but though English is very common in business society, it is still not the most spoken language in the world. If you're going to make the American and European markets fall in love with you, you can produce your content (or translate it with professional transcription services) in Spanish. Hispanics people make up more than 30% of the population in the USA, and it will surely doubt in the next 30 years. With 570 million native speakers, Spanish is surely one of the top languages of the business world. With this fact in mind, develop your content to address the needs of these people.


So, if English and Spanish are not the most widely spoken languages, then which? Of course, it is Mandarin! It is the most popular dialect in China that has over 1.05 billion native speakers. Sounds impressive, right? You can hope that some of these people learn English and therefore you can reach them, but think about the entire potential that you can miss without talented international transcriptionists. It doesn't mean that you should translate all of your content into Mandarin. But what about subtitles? Short newsletters? You can boost your SEO by having some pieces in this language. As your business wants to go global, you need to establish a certain level of communication with Mandarin-speaking people.


It is a mistake to think that the German language is spoken in Germany only. Moreover, it is the primary language of pretty powerful economies such as Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein. With expert video transcription online, you have the chance to reach up to 105 million native speakers, and there are also up to 100 million speakers in different countries who learn German as their second or third language. These numbers sound really impressive, so your business should definitely leverage this opportunity.


You surely have heard that French is the language of love, but know what? It is also the language of money!

Intend to expand your power in the European Union? French is a sure thing! It is spoken by 80 million native speakers, and don't forget about countries outside the EU that were colonized by France. The number of speakers is projected to rise to 700+ million by the next 30 years. With professional subtitle services help, you can easily market your products globally. Produce your French content online, and you'll get the chance to reach up to 100 million internet users.


Continuing the list of official UN languages, it is impossible to ignore the Russian language that up to 250 million native speakers speak. There are also a lot of people in post-Soviet countries that consider Russian to be their second language. And, of course, it is pretty popular on the Internet. So, if you want to gain footing all over the world, go for your dream and learn Russian. Or just localize the content on your website with the highest quality services of transcription.


It looks not that obvious at first sight, but Arabic is surely on the list of the languages that you should deal with when you're going to make your business really international. Middle Each and Africa are regions with booming economies, and there are also 20+ countries all over the world with people speaking Arabic. We know that this language is a pretty challenge, and it will take you some time to the basics. But you can invest in human transcription services that will give you a window into incredible opportunities.


You make a huge mistake if you consider this language to be niche. But what about the Brazilian market? It is the most impressive economy in Latin America, with a thriving population that is pretty dense. Besides, 60% of Brazilian people are under 35, which means you can capture their loyalty with modern marketing strategies. There is only one thing you need...to learn their language! Or to provide your new audience with a high-quality transcription that will surely steal their hearts.


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