7 Best Apps for Learning Latin

by Hannah Lewis

If you’ve recently decided to learn Latin as a language, you’ve made a smart choice. Latin is probably one of the most ancient and prominent languages that exist till today; giving root to many other languages, including Spanish and French, and to many English words! This language can be found in Science, Arts, Law, advanced Mathematics and many other subjects. Did you know that students who know their Latin score better on standardized tests? This is a fact!

So, are you dying to expedite the process and learn the language faster? Who wouldn’t be? Here are 7 best apps that will help you learn Latin much faster!

1) Learn Latin

The Learn Latin interface is just like that of a school. This application provides users with a bank of vocabulary (verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs) that they can easily use to learn a word a day. Example sentences will also be provided to help learn the new word — and of course you can easily translate Latin into English and vice versa. What this app does is simple and brilliant.

2) Latin word of the day

iOS users, don’t fret! There’s a “word a day” app for you too! The application, Latin word a day basically does the same thing as “Learn Latin” except it does not have sample sentences (only the translations). However, the plus side of using this app is that it does not require an internet connection to work so you can study anywhere, anytime!

3) Learn Basic Latin

This is another free app that’s focused on teaching Latin newbies just the basics of Latin grammar. It is a complete course that includes the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd declension and all four conjugations. You’ll be surprised to find that the app is pretty thorough without having to pay for it.

4) Latin Trainer

Latin trainer is a great app that breaks down each word and shows the user the easiest way to learn and memorize the vocabulary. When you’re done with the courses, you’ll be able to translate Latin words whether they are a declension or conjugation. You can also view statistics of your performance to know where you are at with learning the vocabulary.

5) Latin Wisdom

This is another free app available for iOS users. Latin wisdom promises to teach you the language of Julius Caesar and Gladiators by being able to understand tons of common and famous phrases, quotations, and sentences. For example, did you know that “Non omnia possumus omnes” the famous quote by Virgil, means, “Not everyone is able to do everything”? Me neither!

Paid apps

6) SPQR Latin Dictionary

Why not simply download a dictionary with a comprehensive collection of words and sentences? If you’re willing to pay, this app will sure come in handy. You can find dozens of Latin texts with English translations and learn the lingo with flashcards, grammar tester, quizzes, quotes, and more. This is one of the most comprehensive Latin learning apps you can find. This is also great for teachers who are teaching Latin to their students.

7) Latin Vocabulary Quiz

Here’s a game-like app you can use to practice, learn, and test your latin vocabulary the fun way! If you prefer a game-based interface, this is the one to use. The game has over 450 words and 22 levels that you need to clear as you progress. There’s also a Latin leader board that will show you the tops scores of expert Latin learners. Oh, you’re an expert too? Go ahead and challenge them!

Other Latin learning apps

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