Why is the Russian Language “Great and Mighty”?

by Preston Felix

Probably the most common thing everyone knows about Russia is vodka. Apart from that though, Russia is full of beautiful treasures and places to see, and it can offer anyone who decides to learn its seemingly difficult language a lot of perks.

Even though the Russian language is considered to be complex and difficult to learn, there are many reasons why you should give it a try, and even more that make the Russian language so important in our day and time. Here are just some reasons why Russian is such a great language.

1. Russian Language is one of the most influential languages

In case you didn't know, the Russian language is considered to be the 6th most influential language in the world. Russia is the largest country in the world and therefore Russian is spoken by a very large amount of the world population.

Russian is not only spoken in Russia. As of 2010 there were around 166 million native Russian speakers in the world. In fact, it is the official language of Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan and it is also the unofficial language in Ukraine and many other former Soviet countries.

From this, you can imagine the large area of speakers that is covered by these countries and you can easily understand why Russian is so influential.

2. It can help you travel and get to know a lot of new places

Learning Russian will really help you broaden your horizons and get to know new things. As it was mentioned earlier, Russian is not just spoken in Russia. There are many dialects and many other countries who speak it and native speakers have also traveled to the US and Canada throughout the years in order to find a better future.

By knowing how to speak Russian you will be able to go to many countries that speak Russian and still be able to communicate perfectly and get to know they culture a little bit better by being able to talk to the locals.

3. It can give you a great look into the Russian culture

If you speak the Russian language, you will be able to experience the Russian literature and culture a lot easier. Russian has given birth to many incredible writers like Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky and Pushkin, and it is just incredible to be able to read their masterpieces in their original versions.

The Russian language also is a lot richer and more expressive that the English one. You'd be surprised to know that this incredible language has a great amount of expressions that you simply can't find in English. Not only that but also Russia has a great tradition in music from their Red Army Choir to their romantic music waves.

By knowing Russian you will be able to get a closer look at even the modern Russian TV series, movies and music which will allow you to understand their culture and way of living.

4. Russian can help you learn other Slavic languages

If you love learning new languages you should probably know that Russian is a very important language to know if you wish to learn other Slavic languages. Just some examples include Ukrainian and Belarusian, and they can be learnt very easily as long as you know Russian.

The Slavic language family is the largest in Europe and that is the best opportunity for you to learn more languages with less effort.

5. It can expand your business opportunities

Russia is well known when it comes to businesses and international partners. This country is full of useful natural resources and the locals are taking advantage of the size of their country by creating businesses which are based off these resources. Even energy industry analysts suspect that by 2023, up to 50% of Europe's natural gas will be controlled by Russia.

If you wish to make your way into the business market of Russia, or have considered establishing a company in Russia, there is no better way for you to be able to do your work successfully than to know the language.

Russian will allow you to communicate effectively with your business partners and know everything that is going on in your company.

6. Russia holds a great history of science and technology

A great fact to know is that Russian science publications are second, after English ones in our day and time. But even in the past, Russia has shown a great interest in sciences, from Mendeleev to Lomonosov who played an important role with their discoveries.

In our days, Russia is known for its advancements in computer programming, information technology as well as software engineering which are helping local and international companies achieve great results.

Russian is an amazing language to learn

If you're interested in taking up a challenge, you probably should consider giving this great language a try. Not only will the Russian language help a speaker learn more about the Russian traditions, culture, music and history but they will just be able to connect deeper with the country's origins and natives.

The Russian language can help you travel to many countries, meet s lot of interesting people and also have the privilege of reading some of the world's most famous literature in its original and native language.

As more and more native speakers are born in the biggest country of the world, the influence of the Russian language will simply keep growing and Russian will soon be a very important language to speak.

About the writer

Preston Felix is a freelance web designer and sociologist. In his free time, he helps with assignments at homework service rewardedessays.com.

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