Family words in Scots

Words for family members and other relatives in Scots (Scots Leid), a West Germanic language spoken mainly in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Note: there is no standard way to write Scots, and there are quite a few dialects of Scots, so there are several variations of each word. Not all these words are currently in common use.

family faimily, faimly, faimley, femaly, femily, femlie, faimlie
parents parentis
father faither, faether, fayther, feyther, fether
mother mither, midder
children childer, bairns, bearns, weans, wanes, weanies
son son
daughter dochter, dauchter, douchter, da(a)chter, dother, dowter
husband man, guidman, gud(e)man, geudman
wife wife, wyfe, wifey
brother brither, breethir, bridder, breeder, bruther
sister sister
uncle uncle, unkl
aunt aunt, ant, awnt, awnte, antt, ante, aint, aynt
father-sister, mither-sister
cousin brither-barin (parent's brother's child)
sister-barin (parent's sister's child)
nephew brither son, sister son
niece brither douchter, sister douchter
grandparents grandparents
grandfather grand(d)a, gran(d)-daddy, grantschir, gran(d)faither, graundfather, grannie, granny, graunie, grandy, granda, grandey
grandmother grandmither, grandmidder, grandmammy, grandmamma, gran(d)minnie, grandame, grannam
grandchildren gran(d)bairns, grandchilder, grandchildren, grand-weans
grandson grandson
granddaughter gran(d)-docther
father-in-law gud(e)fader, gu(i)dfather, gudfadyr, gudfadir, goodfather
mother-in-law gud(e)moder, gu(d)emother,guidmoder, goodmother
brother-in-law gud(e)-brither
sister-in-law gud(e)sister, guidsister, gudesuster, gudsystyr, goodsister
son-in-law gud(e)son(e), guidson, gwdson, gudsonne, goodsonne
daughter-in-law gud(e)-dochter, good-dochter, guid(e)-doghter

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