Family words in various languages

Words for family members and other relatives in a number of different languages.

Alphabetical index | Index by language family

Alphbetical index of the kinship pages

  1. Afrikaans, Albanian, Armenian (Eastern), Armenian (Western)
  2. Belarusian, Bengali, Breton, Bulgarian
  3. Catalan, Chinese (Cantonese), Chinese (Hakka), Chinese (Mandarin), Chinese (Taiwanese), Cornish, Croatian, Cuyonon, Czech
  4. Danish, Dutch
  5. Esperanto, English, Estonian
  6. Faroese, Finnish, French
  7. Galician, German, Greek
  8. Hawaiian, Hindi, Hungarian
  9. Icelandic, Indonesian, Irish, Italian
  10. Japanese, Javanese
  11. Kadazandusun, Korean
  12. Laala, Latvian, Lithuanian
  13. Macedonian, Malay, Maltese, Manx Gaelic, Māori
  14. Navajo, Nepali, Norwegian
  15. Occitan
  16. Polish, Portuguese, Proto-Indo-European
  17. Quapaw
  18. Romanian, Russian
  19. Scots, Scottish Gaelic, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Solresol, Spanish, Swedish
  20. Turkish, Tuvaluan
  21. Ukrainian
  22. Vietnamese, Volapük
  23. Welsh
  24. Xhosa
  25. Yiddish
  26. Zulu

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Family words in various languages

How to say father in many languages

Multilingual pages

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