Numbers in Aromanian

How to count in Aromanian (Armâneaşti), a Romance language spoken mainly in parts of Eastern Europe, particularly Greece and Albania.

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Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
1 unu [ˈ], unâ (f) protŭ
2 doi, doauã, dauâ andoilu
3 trei antreilu
4 patru anpatrul
5 tsintsi tsintsirlu
6 shasi, shase shasirlu
7 shapti, shapte
8 optu optul
9 nau, nauâ, noauã noaurlu
10 dzatsi, dzatse, date
11 unãsprã(dzatsi)
12 dosprã(dzatsi)
13 tresprã(dzatsi)
14 pa(tru)sprã(dzatsi)
15 tsisprã-dzatsi, tsisprãdzatse
16 shasprãdzatsi, shasprãdzatse
17 shaptisprãdzatsi, shaptisprãdzatse
18 optusprã(dzatsi)
19 noauãsprãdzatsi
20 yinghits [ˈjiŋgʲit͡s]
21 yiyintsunã
22 yiyintsdoi
25 tsisprãyinghits
26 shasprãyinghits
27 shaptisprãyinghits
28 yiyintsoptu
29 noauãsprãyinghits
30 treidzãts
40 patrudzãts
50 tsindzãts
60 shaidzãts
70 shaptidzãts, shaptedzãts
80 opdzãts
90 noauãdzãts
100 sutã [ˈsu.tɨ/ˈsu.tə], tsentu [ˈt͡sen.tu], tsendu [ˈt͡sen.du]
1,000 njilji, njilje

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