Numbers in Etruscan

How to count in Etruscan (mekh Rasnal), a language that was spoken in Eturia in Italy from about 600 BC to the 5th century AD.

Note: Etruscan numbers have different forms in different cases. The nominiative-accusative forms are shown here. The words for 4 and 6 are uncertain - they might mean 4 or 6.

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Numeral Cardinal numbers Ordinal numbers
1 (𐌠) 𐌈𐌖 (θu) [tʰu] / 𐌈𐌖𐌍 (θun) 𐌈𐌖𐌍𐌉𐌍𐌀 (θunina)
2 (𐌠𐌠) 𐌆𐌀𐌋 (zal) [t͡sal] / 𐌄𐌔𐌀𐌋 (esal)
3 (𐌠𐌠𐌠) 𐌂𐌉 (ci) [ki] / 𐌊𐌉 (ki)
4 (𐌠𐌠𐌠𐌠) 𐌇𐌖𐌈 (huθ) [hutʰ] / 𐌇𐌖𐌕 (hut)
5 (𐌡) 𐌌𐌀𐌙 (maχ) [makʰ]
6 (𐌡𐌠) 𐌇𐌖𐌈 (huθ) / 𐌑𐌀 (śa) [ʃa] / 𐌔𐌀 (sa)
7 (𐌡𐌠𐌠) śemφ [ʃempʰ]
8 (𐌡𐌠𐌠𐌠) *cezp [ket͡sp]
9 (𐌡𐌠𐌠𐌠𐌠) nurφ- [nurpʰ]
10 (𐌢) śar [ʃar] / zar [t͡sar] / halψ [halkʰ]
11 (𐌢𐌠) *θuśar [tʰuʃar]
12 (𐌢𐌠𐌠) *zalśar [t͡salʃar]
13 (𐌢𐌠𐌠𐌠) ci- śar- [kiʃar]
14 (𐌢𐌠𐌠𐌠𐌠) *śaśar [ʃaʃar] / huθzar [hutʰt͡sar]
15 (𐌢𐌡) *maψśar [makʰʃar]
16 (𐌢𐌡𐌠) huθzar- [hutʰt͡sar] / *śaśar [ʃaʃar]
17 (𐌢𐌡𐌠𐌠 / 𐌠𐌠𐌠𐌢𐌢) ciem zaθrum [ki-em t͡satʰum]
18 (𐌢𐌡𐌠𐌠𐌠 / 𐌠𐌠𐌢𐌢) eslem zaθrum [esl-em t͡satʰum
19 (𐌢𐌡𐌠𐌠𐌠𐌠 / 𐌠𐌢𐌢) θunem zaθrum [tʰun-em t͡satʰum]
20 (𐌢𐌢) zaθrum [t͡satʰum]
30 (𐌢𐌢𐌢) cealψ [t͡sealkʰ]
40 (𐌢𐌢𐌢𐌢) śealψ [ʃealkʰ] / *huθalψ [hutʰalkʰ]
50 (𐌣) muvalψ [muwalkʰ]
60 (𐌣𐌢) *huθalψ [hutʰalkʰ] / śealψ [ʃealkʰ]
70 (𐌣𐌢𐌢) śemφalψ [ʃempʰalkʰ]
80 (𐌣𐌢𐌢𐌢) cezpalψ [ket͡spalkʰ]
90 (𐌣𐌢𐌢𐌢𐌢) *nurφalψ [nurpʰalkʰ]
100 (𐌟)

* mark numbers that are not attested, but are hypothesized based on known numbers.

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