Numbers in Ghomalaʼ

Information about counting in Ghomalaʼ (Ghɔmáláʼ), a South Bantoid language spoken in the West Region in the northwest of Cameroon.

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Numeral Cardinal numbers
0 sɔmywə̌
1 mu’, yámu’, yaə̂mu’, ta’, kʉì
2 pʉ́ɑ̌, yápʉ́ɑ̌, yaə̂pʉə́ə́’
3 tǎǎ, yátǎǎ, yaə̂tá
4 pfʉə, yápfʉə, yapfʉə̀’
5 tɔ̑, yátɔ̑, yaə̂tɔ̑
6 tɔkɔ̌, ntɔkɔ́
7 sɔmbʉ́ɑ̌, sɔmbʉə́ə́
8 hɔ̌m
9 vʉ’ʉ́
10 ghǎm
11 shwâmu’ m ghǎm, shwâmu’
12 shwop pʉ́ɑ̌’ m ghǎm, shwop pʉ́ɑ
13 shwop tǎǎ m ghǎm, shwop tǎǎ
14 shwop pfʉə m ghǎm
15 shwop tɔ̑ m ghǎm
16 shwop ntɔkɔ́ m ghǎm
17 shwop sɔmbʉ́ɑ m ghǎm
18 shwop hɔ̌m m ghǎm
19 shwop vʉ’ʉ́ m ghǎm
20 ghǎm m’bʉ́ɑ̌, m’bʉ́ɑ̌
21 shwâmu’ m ghǎm bʉ́ɑ̌, shwâmu’ m bʉ́ɑ̌
22 shwop pʉ́ɑ̌’ m ghǎm bʉ́ɑ̌
23 shwop tǎǎ m ghǎm bʉ́ɑ̌
24 shwop pfʉə m ghǎm bʉ́ɑ̌
25 shwop tɔ̑ m ghǎm bʉ́ɑ̌
26 shwop ntɔkɔ́ m ghǎm bʉ́ɑ̌
27 shwop sɔmbʉ́ɑ m ghǎm bʉ́ɑ̌
28 shwop hɔ̌m m ghǎm bʉ́ɑ̌
29 shwop vʉ’ʉ́ m ghǎm bʉ́ɑ̌
30 ghǎm tǎǎ
40 mghǎp’pfʉə́
50 ghǎm tɔ̑
60 ghǎm ntɔkɔ́
70 ghǎm sɔm
80 mghǎm hɔ̌m
90 ghǎm vʉ’ʉ́
100 khə

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