Numbers in Kagate

Information about counting in Kagate (स्युबा), a Tibetic language spoken mainly in Ramechhap district in Bagmati Province in eastern Nepal.

If any of the numbers are links, you can hear a recording by clicking on them. If you can provide recordings, please contact me.

Numeral Cardinal numbers
1 (१) चीग [tsig]
2 (२) ङी [ŋi]
3 (३) सुम [sum]
4 (४) सीः [ᶫsi]
5 (५) ङा [ŋa]
6 (६) टुःक [ᶫʈuk]
7 (७) तीःन [ᶫtin]
8 (८) केः [ᶫke]
9 (९) कुः [ᶫku]
10 (१०) च्‍यु [tsʲu]
11 (११) च्‍युजीक [tsʲudzik]
12 (१२) चीङ्‍ङी [tsiŋ‍ŋi] 
13 (१३) च्‍युक्‍सुम [tsʲuk‍sum]
14 (१४) च्‍युप्‍सी [tsʲup‍si]
15 (१५) चेङा [tseŋa], च्याङा [tsʲaŋa]
18 (१८) च्‍याप्‍के [tsʲap‍ke]
20 (१०) ङीःस्‍यु [ᶫŋisʲu]
30 (३०) सुम्‍च्‍यु [sum‍tsʲu]
50 (५०) ङाप्‍च्‍यु [ŋap‍tsʲu]
100 (१००) क्‍याः [ᶫkʲa]
1000 (१०००) तोङ [toŋ]
100,000 / 1 lakh
तोङ क्याः [toŋ ᶫkʲa]

Hear some Kagate / Syuba numbers (start at 8:10):

Information about Kagate | Numbers

Source: Syuba language dictionary

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