Numbers in Ketengban

How to count in Ketengban (Oktengban), a Trans-New Guinea language spoken West Papua in Indonesia.

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Numeral Cardinal numbers Ordinal numbers
0 gum
1 tenpu [left little finger] tenpunge
2 bitine, butini, bitini [left ring finger] buntininge
3 weneri [left middle finger] weneringe
4 dumbari [left point finger] dumnge
5 pamubari [left thumb] pamunge
6 ngangtan [left wrist] ngangtange
7 yo nitam, yoneitam [left low elbow] yo nitamnge
8 banbari [left elbow] bannge
9 toupne [left bicep] toupnenge
10 morokyo, taubari, gon [left shoulder] morokyonge
11 kum [left neck]
12 amol di uca, amul [left ear]
13 asuru [left eye]
14 ue [nose]
15 dana asuru [right eye]
16 dana amul, dana amol [right ear]
17 dana kum [right neck]
18 dana gon [right shoulder]
19 dana toupne [right bicep]
20 dana banbari, asuru di uca [right elbow]
21 dana tanpu
yo nitam di bana
ban dana tenpu [right low elbow]
22 dana bitini [right wrist]
23 dana weneri [right thumb]
24 dana dumbari [right point finger]
25 dana pamubari [right middle finger]
26 dana ngangtanbari [right ring finger]
27 dana yoneitambari [right little finger]
1/4 tenpudi bokra dumbari kemna
1/2 nitamai bongdona

Information about Ketengban numbers

Information about Ketengban

Information compiled by Wolfgang Kuhl

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