Ketengban is a member of the Eastern Mek branch of the Trans-New Guinea language family. It is spoken by about 10,000 people in the east of Highland Papua Province in Indonesia near the border with Papua New Guinea.

Ketengban is also known as Kufel-wenga, Kupel or Oktengban. Dialects include Okbap, Omban, Bime and Onya. It is written with the Latin alphabet, and there is a translation of the New Testament in Ketengban.

Ketengban alphabet and pronunciation

Ketengban alphabet and pronunciation

Details of Ketengban pronunciation provided by Michael Peter Füstumum

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Sample text

Uda, tenpu taruda, Simondi Andreas cap, Lukas cap tep pepu. "Yarerumpa, nun bisam kaleng benkope," pepupa, dyen cap, mar cap dopram bura mutu kalengbei. Sun adipapu bura bisam tenpu epi. Sun abisam warekidi, er nong dana-dana tara kalengmai. Marapu dinen, abisam mendepu. Abisam yu weik kupudi, bisamdi Simon er nong yuma si topra popu. Andreas cap, Lukas cap, bisam popserur tenen, co amnyo tara sepra berei. Sun abisam tep, kwar dakrei.


Simon said to Andreas and Lukas, "Let's go pig hunting." They took bows and arrows and walked into the forest. Soon they saw a wild boar. They surrounded the pig. Then Lukas shot him with an arrow, but the pig did not die. The pig became rampant and attacked Simon. The pig injured Simon on several parts of his body. Andreas and Lukas ran behind the tree because they were afraid of the pig.

Source: Bisamdi Simon tep Si topra popu

Information about Ketengban | Numbers


Information about Ketengban

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