Ngalum numbers

How to count in Ngalum, a member of the Ok branch of the Trans-New-Guinea language family spoken in Papua province of Indonesia, and in Sandaun province of Papua New Guinea.

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Numeral Cardinal
1 maki [left little finger]
2 lao [left ring finger]
3 wir [left middle finger]
4 laplao [left point finger]
5 el [left thumb]
6 bangup [left wrist]
7 pet [left low elbow]
8 pasik [left elbow]
9 ti [left bicep]
10 dangol [left shoulder]
11 kum [left neck]
12 sirong [left ear]
13 sir [left eye]
14 misol [nose]
15 dake sirmaki [right eye]
16 dake sirong maki [right ear]
17 dake kumki [right neck]
18 dake dangolki [right shoulder]
19 dake tiki [right bicep]
20 dake pasiki [right elbow]
21 dake petki [right low elbow]
22 dake bangupki [right wrist]
23 dake elki [right thumb]
24 dake laplaoki [right point finger]
25 dake wirki [right middle finger]
26 dake laoki [right ring finger]
27 top maki [right little finger]

Source: Android-Based Digitalization of Number System of Traditional, Ngalum, Ketengban, Lepki and Arimtap Tribes

Compiled by Wolfgang Kuhl

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