Sgaw Karen numbers

How to count in Sgaw Karen (ကညီကျိာ်), a Karenic language spoken in southern Myannmar and northwestern Thailand.

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Numeral Cardinal numbers
1 (၁) တ (ta), တၢ (tuh) [tɛ́j]
2 (၂) ခံ (khee) [kʰí]
3 (၃) သၢ (thuh)
4 (၄) လွံၢ် (lwee̱) [lwì]
5 (၅) ယဲၢ် (yeẖ) [jɛ̀]
6 (၆) ဃု (xu) [kʰú]
7 (၇) နွံ (nwee) [nwí]
8 (၈) ဃိး (xoḧ) [kʰo̰]
9 (၉) ခွံ (khwee) [kʰwí]
10 (၁၀) ဆံ (hsee), တဆံ (ta hsee) [ta̰sʰí]
11 (၁၁) တဆံတၢ (ta hsee tuh)
12 (၁၂) တဆံခံ (ta hsee khee)
13 (၁၃) တဆံသၢ (ta hsee thuh)
14 (၁၄) တဆံလွံၢ် (ta hsee lwee̱)
15 (၁၅) တဆံယဲၢ် (ta hsee yeẖ)
16 (၁၆) တဆံဃု (ta hsee xu)
17 (၁၇) တဆံနွံ (ta hsee nwee)
18 (၁၈) တဆံဃိး (ta hsee xoḧ)
19 (၁၉) တဆံခွံ (ta hsee khwee)
20 (၂၀) ခံဆံ (khee hsee)
30 (၃၀) သၢဆံ (thuh hsee)
40 (၄၀) လွံၢ်ဆံ (lwee hsee̱)
50 (၅၀) ဟဲၢ်ဆံ (ye hsee)
60 (၆၀) ဃုဆံ (xu hsee)
70 (၇၀) နွံဆံ (nwee hsee)
80 (၈၀) ဃိးဆံ (xo hsee)
90 (၉၀) ခွံဆံ (khwee hsee)
100 (၁၀၀) ကယၤ (ka yā), တကယၤ (ta ka yā)
1,000 (၁၀၀၀) တကထိ (ta ka tho)

Hear some Sgaw Karen numbers

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