Numbers in Shilha

Information about counting in Shilha (Tašəlḥiyt / ⵜⴰⵛⵍⵃⵉⵢⵜ), a Northern Berber language spoken in southwestern Morocco and northwestern Algeria.

Key to abbreviations: m = masculine, f = feminine, Ar = Arabic (number borrowed from Arabic)

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Numeral Cardinal numbers Ordinal numbers
1 yan, ⵢⴰⵏ, يان (m)
yat, ⵢⴰⵜ, يات (f)
(waḥd) واحد (Ar)
amzwaru (m)
tamzwarut (f)
2 sin, ⵙⵉⵏ, سين (m)
snat, ⵙⵏⴰⵜ, سنات (f)
(juj) جوج (Ar)
wissin (m)
tisnat (f)
3 kraḍ, ⴽⵔⴰⴹ, كراض (m)
kraṭ, ⴽⵔⴰⵟ, كراط (f)
(tlata) تلاتة (Ar)
wiskraḍ (m)
tiskraṭ (f)
4 kuz, ⴽⵓⵣ (m)
kust, ⴽⵓⵙⵜ (f)
(rbɛa) ربعة (Ar)
wisrbɛa (m)
tisrbɛa (f)
5 smmus, ⵙⵎⵎⵓⵙ (m)
smmust, ⵙⵎⵎⵓⵙⵜ (f)
(xmsa) خمسة (Ar)
wisxmsa (m)
tisxmsa (f)
6 sdis, ⵙⴷⵉⵙ (m)
sdist, ⵙⴷⵉⵙⵜ (f)
(stta) ستة (Ar)
wisstta (m)
tisstta (f)
7 sa, ⵙⴰ (m)
sat, ⵙⴰⵜ (f)
(sbɛa) سبعة (Ar)
wissbɛa (m)
tissbɛa (f)
8 tam, ⵜⴰⵎ (m)
tamt, ⵜⴰⵎⵜ (f)
(tmyna) تمنية (Ar)
wistmnya (m)
tistmnya (f)
9 tza, ⵜⵣⴰ (m)
tzat, ⵜⵣⴰⵜ (f)
(tsɛud) ثسعود (Ar)
wistsɛud (m)
tistsɛud (f)
10 mraw, ⵎⴰⵡ (m)
mrawt, ⵎⴰⵡⵜ (f)
(ɛšra) عشرة (Ar)
wisɛšra (m)
tisɛšra (f)
11 yan d mraw
12 sin d mraw
13 kraḍ d mraw
14 kuz d mraw
15 smmus d mraw
16 sdis d mraw
17 sa d mraw
18 tam d mraw
19 tza d mraw
20 ɛšrin
21 ɛšrin d yan
22 ɛšrin d sin
23 ɛšrin d kraḍ
24 ɛšrin d kuz
25 ɛšrin d smmus
26 ɛšrin d sdis
27 ɛšrin d sa
28 ɛšrin d tam
29 ɛšrin d tza
30 ɛšrin d mraw
40 sin ida ɛšrin
50 sin ida ɛšrin d mraw
60 kraḍ ida ɛšrin
70 kraḍ ida ɛšrin d mraw
80 kuz ida ɛšrin
90 kuz ida ɛšrin d mraw
100 miya, ميّة
1,000 alf, ألف
1 million mlyun, ملاين
1 billion mlyar, ملاير

Information compiled by Marat Stepanyan

If you would like to make any corrections or additions to this page, or if you can provide recordings, please contact me.


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