Numbers in Tamazight

Information about counting in Central Morocco / Altas Tamazight (Tamaziɣt / ⵜⴰⵎⴰⵣⵉⵖⵜ), a Northern Berber language spoken in the Atlas mountains in central Morocco.

Key to abbreviations: m = masculine, f = feminine

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Numeral Cardinal numbers Ordinal numbers
0 ⴰⵎⵢⴰ (amya)
1 ⵢⴰⵏ (yan), ⵢⵓⵏ (yun) - m
ⵉⵊⵊ (ijj), ⵉⴷⵊ (idj) - m
ⵢⴰⵜ (yat), ⵢⵓⵜ (yut), ⵉⵛⵜ (iʃt) - f
ⵡⴰⴷⵉⵣⵡⴰⵔⵏ (wadizwarn)
2 ⵙⵉⵏ (sin) - m
ⵙⵏⴰⵜ (snat) - f
ⵡⵉⵙⵙⵉⵏ (wissin)
3 ⴽⵕⴰⴹ (kṛaḍ) - m
ⴽⵕⴰⵟⵜ (kṛaṭt) - f
ⵛⴰⵕⴹⵜ (ʃaṛḍt) - f
ⵡⵉⴽⵕⴰⴹ (wikṛaḍ)
4 ⴽⴽⵓⵣ (kkuz) - m
ⴽⴽⵓⵣⵜ (kkuzt) - f
ⵡⵉⴽⴽⵓⵣ (wikkuz)
5 ⵙⵎⵎⵓⵙ (smmus) - m
ⵙⵎⵎⵓⵙⵜ (smmust) - f
ⵡⵉⵙⵎⵎⵓⵙ (wismmus)
6 ⵚⴹⵉⵚ (ṣḍiṣ) - m
ⵚⴹⵉⵚⵜ (ṣḍiṣt) - f
ⵡⵉⵙⵚⴹⵉⵚ (wisṣḍiṣ)
7 ⵙⴰ (sa) - m
ⵙⴰⵜ (sat) - f
ⵡⵉⵙ ⵙⴰ (wis sa)
8 ⵜⴰⵎ (tam) - m
ⵜⴰⵎⵜ (tamt) - f
ⵡⵉⵙ ⵜⴰⵎ (wis tam)
9 ⵜⵥⴰ (tẓa) - m
ⵜⵥⴰⵜ (tẓat) - f
ⵡⵉⵙ ⵜⵥⴰ (wis tẓa)
10 ⵎⵔⴰⵡ (mraw) - m
ⵎⵔⴰⵡⵜ (mrawt) - f
ⵡⵉⵙ ⵎⵔⴰⵡ (wis mraw)
11 ⵢⴰⵏ ⴷ ⵎⵔⴰⵡ
(yan d mraw)
ⵡⵉⵙ ⵢⴰⵏ ⴷⵎⵔⴰⵡ
(wis yan dmraw)
12 ⵙⵉⵏ ⴷ ⵎⵔⴰⵡ
(sin d mraw)
ⵡⵉⵙ ⵙⵉⵏ ⴷ ⵎⵔⴰⵡ
(wis sin d mraw)
13 ⴽⵕⴰⴹ ⴷ ⵎⵔⴰⵡ
(kṛaḍ d mraw)
ⵡⵉⵙ ⴽⵕⴰⴹ ⴷ ⵎⵔⴰⵡ
(wis kṛaḍ d mraw)
14 ⴽⴽⵓⵣ ⴷ ⵎⵔⴰⵡ
(kkuz d mraw)
ⵡⵉⵙ ⴽⴽⵓⵣ ⴷ ⵎⵔⴰⵡ
(wis kkuz d mraw)
15 ⵙⵎⵎⵓⵙ ⴷ ⵎⵔⴰⵡ
(smmus d mraw)
ⵡⵉⵙ ⵙⵎⵎⵓⵙ ⴷ ⵎⵔⴰⵡ
(wis smmus d mraw)
16 ⵚⴹⵉⵚ ⴷ ⵎⵔⴰⵡ
(ṣḍiṣ d mraw)
ⵡⵉⵙ ⵚⴹⵉⵚ ⴷ ⵎⵔⴰⵡ
(wis ṣḍiṣ d mraw)
17 ⵙⴰ ⴷ ⵎⵔⴰⵡ
(sa d mraw)
ⵡⵉⵙ ⵙⴰ ⴷ ⵎⵔⴰⵡ
(wis sa d mraw)
18 ⵜⴰⵎ ⴷ ⵎⵔⴰⵡ
(tam d mraw)
ⵡⵉⵙ ⵜⴰⵎ ⴷ ⵎⵔⴰⵡ
(wis tam d mraw)
19 ⵜⵥⴰ ⴷ ⵎⵔⴰⵡ
(tẓa d mraw)
ⵡⵉⵙ ⵜⵥⴰ ⴷ ⵎⵔⴰⵡ
(wis tẓa d mraw)
20 ⵙⵉⵏ ⵉⴷ ⵎⵔⴰⵡ
(sin id mraw)
21 ⵉⵏ ⵉⴷ ⵎⵔⴰⵡ ⵉ ⵢⴰⵏ
(sin id mraw i yan)
22 ⵙⵉⵏ ⵉⴷ ⵎⵔⴰⵡ ⵉ ⵙⵉⵏ
(sin id mraw i sin)
23 ⵙⵉⵏ ⵉⴷ ⵎⵔⴰⵡ ⵉ ⴽⵕⴰⴹ
(sin id mraw i kṛaḍ)
24 ⵙⵉⵏ ⵉⴷ ⵎⵔⴰⵡ ⵉ ⴽⴽⵓⵣ
(sin id mraw i kkuz)
25 ⵙⵉⵏ ⵉⴷ ⵎⵔⴰⵡ ⵉ ⵙⵎⵎⵓⵙ
(sin id mraw i smmus)
26 ⵙⵉⵏ ⵉⴷ ⵎⵔⴰⵡ ⵉ ⵚⴹⵉⵚ
(sin id mraw i ṣḍiṣ)
27 ⵙⵉⵏ ⵉⴷ ⵎⵔⴰⵡ ⵉ ⵙⴰ
(sin id mraw i sa)
28 ⵙⵉⵏ ⵉⴷ ⵎⵔⴰⵡ ⵉ ⵜⴰⵎ
(sin id mraw i tam)
29 ⵙⵉⵏ ⵉⴷ ⵎⵔⴰⵡ ⵉ ⵜⵥⴰ
(sin id mraw i tẓa)
30 ⴽⵕⴰⴹ ⵉⴷ ⵎⵔⴰⵡ
(kṛaḍ id mraw)
40 ⴽⴽⵓⵣ ⵉⴷ ⵎⵔⴰⵡ
(kkuz id mraw)
50 ⵙⵎⵎⵓⵙ ⵉⴷ ⵎⵔⴰⵡ
(smmus id mraw)
60 ⵚⴹⵉⵚ ⵉⴷ ⵎⵔⴰⵡ
(ṣḍiṣ id mraw)
70 ⵙⴰ ⵉⴷ ⵎⵔⴰⵡ
(sa id mraw)
80 ⵜⴰⵎⵜ ⵉⴷ ⵎⵔⴰⵡ
(tamt id mraw)
90 ⵜⵥⴰⵜ ⵉⴷ ⵎⵔⴰⵡ
(tẓat id mraw)
100 ⵜⵉⵎⵉⴹⵉ (timiḍi)
1,000 ⵉⴼⴹ (ifḍ)
100,000 ⵜⵉⵎⵉⴹⵉ ⵏ ⴰⴼⴹⴰⵏ
(timiḍi n afḍan)

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