Sora numbers

How to count in Sora, a Munda language spoken mainly in Andhra Pradesh in northeast India.

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Numeral Cardinal
1 𑃢𑃒𑃦𑃜 (aboy)
2 𑃒𑃕𑃦 (bago)
3 𑃜𑃕𑃤 (yagi)
4 𑃥𑃙𑃠𑃤 (unji)
5 𑃖𑃦𑃙𑃘𑃦𑃜 (monloy)
6 𑃑𑃥𑃔𑃝𑃥 (tudru)
7 𑃕𑃥𑃘𑃠𑃤 (gulji)
8 𑃑𑃖𑃠𑃤 (tamji)
9 𑃑𑃤𑃙𑃠𑃤 (tinji)
10 𑃕𑃣𑃘𑃠𑃤 (gelji)
11 𑃕𑃣𑃘𑃖𑃥𑃜 (gelmuy)
12 𑃖𑃤𑃕𑃣𑃘 (migel)
13 𑃖𑃤𑃕𑃣𑃘 𑃒𑃦𑃜 (migel boy)
14 𑃖𑃤𑃕𑃣𑃘 𑃒𑃕𑃦 (migel bago)
15 𑃖𑃤𑃕𑃣𑃘 𑃜𑃕𑃤 (migel yagi)
16 𑃖𑃤𑃕𑃣𑃘 𑃥𑃙𑃠𑃤 (migel unji)
17 𑃖𑃤𑃕𑃣𑃘 𑃖𑃦𑃙𑃘𑃦𑃜 (migel monloy)
18 𑃖𑃤𑃕𑃣𑃘 𑃑𑃥𑃔𑃝𑃥 (migel tudru)
19 𑃖𑃤𑃕𑃣𑃘 𑃕𑃥𑃘𑃠𑃤 (migel gulji)
20 𑃒𑃦𑃟𑃥𑃝𑃤 (bokuri)
21 𑃒𑃦𑃟𑃥𑃝𑃤 𑃒𑃦𑃜 (bokuri boy)
22 𑃒𑃦𑃟𑃥𑃝𑃤 𑃒𑃕𑃦 (bokuri bago)
23 𑃒𑃦𑃟𑃥𑃝𑃤 𑃜𑃕𑃤 (bokuri yagi)
24 𑃒𑃦𑃟𑃥𑃝𑃤 𑃥𑃙𑃠𑃤 (bokuri unji)
25 𑃒𑃦𑃟𑃥𑃝𑃤 𑃖𑃦𑃙𑃘𑃦𑃜 (bokuri monloy)
26 𑃒𑃦𑃟𑃥𑃝𑃤 𑃑𑃥𑃔𑃝𑃥 (bokuri tudru)
27 𑃒𑃦𑃟𑃥𑃝𑃤 𑃕𑃥𑃘𑃠𑃤 (bokuri gulji)
28 𑃒𑃦𑃟𑃥𑃝𑃤 𑃑𑃖𑃠𑃤 (bokuri tamji)
29 𑃒𑃦𑃟𑃥𑃝𑃤 (bokuri tamji)
30 𑃒𑃦𑃟𑃥𑃝𑃤 𑃑𑃤𑃙𑃠𑃤 (bokuri gelji)
40 𑃒𑃕𑃟𑃥𑃝𑃤 (bagkuri)
50 𑃒𑃕𑃟𑃥𑃝𑃤 𑃕𑃣𑃘𑃠𑃤 (bagkuri gelji)
60 𑃠𑃕𑃟𑃥𑃝𑃤 (jagkuri)
70 𑃠𑃕𑃟𑃥𑃝𑃤 𑃕𑃣𑃘𑃠𑃤 (jagkuri gelji)
80 𑃥𑃙𑃠𑃤𑃟𑃥𑃝𑃤 (unjikuri)
90 𑃥𑃙𑃠𑃤𑃟𑃥𑃝𑃤 𑃕𑃣𑃘𑃠𑃤 (unjikuri gelji)
100 𑃒𑃕𑃐𑃦 (bagso)
1,000 𑃕𑃘𑃠𑃤𑃐𑃦 (galjiso)
𑃒𑃦𑃖𑃝𑃤𑃡 (bomariñ)


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