Ho numbers

How to count in Ho (๐‘ขน๐‘ฃ‰๐‘ฃ‰ ๐‘ฃŽ๐‘ฃ‹๐‘ฃœ / hลล jagara), a Munda language spoken mainly in the Indian states of Jharkhand, Orissa and West Bengal.

If any of the numbers are links, you can hear a recording by clicking on them. If you can provide recordings, please contact me.

Numeral Cardinal
1 (๐‘ฃก) ๐‘ฃ–๐‘ฃ‚๐‘ฃ…๐‘ฃ‘ (miyaแธ)
2 (๐‘ฃข) ๐‘ฃ—๐‘ฃœ๐‘ฃ…๐‘ฃ (baria)
3 (๐‘ฃฃ) ๐‘ฃ๐‘ฃ˜๐‘ฃˆ๐‘ฃ…๐‘ฃ (apeya)
4 (๐‘ฃค) ๐‘ฃ‡๐‘ฃ˜๐‘ฃƒ๐‘ฃ“๐‘ฃ…๐‘ฃ (ลซpunya)
5 (๐‘ฃฅ) ๐‘ฃ–๐‘ฃ‰๐‘ฃ๐‘ฃ (moรฑa)
6 (๐‘ฃฆ) ๐‘ฃ•๐‘ฃƒ๐‘ฃœ๐‘ฃƒ๐‘ฃ (turua)
7 (๐‘ฃง) ๐‘ฃ๐‘ฃˆ๐‘ฃ (aea)
8 (๐‘ฃจ) ๐‘ฃ†๐‘ฃœ๐‘ฃ‚๐‘ฃš๐‘ฃ…๐‘ฃ (ฤซrilya)
9 (๐‘ฃฉ) ๐‘ฃ๐‘ฃœ๐‘ฃˆ๐‘ฃ (area)
10 (๐‘ฃช) ๐‘ฃ‹๐‘ฃˆ๐‘ฃš๐‘ฃˆ๐‘ฃ…๐‘ฃ (geleya)
11 (๐‘ฃก๐‘ฃก) ๐‘ฃ‹๐‘ฃˆ๐‘ฃš ๐‘ฃ–๐‘ฃ‚๐‘ฃ…๐‘ฃ‘ (gel miyaแธ)
12 (๐‘ฃก๐‘ฃข) ๐‘ฃ‹๐‘ฃˆ๐‘ฃš ๐‘ฃ—๐‘ฃœ๐‘ฃ…๐‘ฃ (gel baria)
13 (๐‘ฃก๐‘ฃฃ) ๐‘ฃ‹๐‘ฃˆ๐‘ฃš ๐‘ฃ๐‘ฃ˜๐‘ฃˆ๐‘ฃ…๐‘ฃ (gel apeya)
14 (๐‘ฃก๐‘ฃค) ๐‘ฃ‹๐‘ฃˆ๐‘ฃš ๐‘ฃ‡๐‘ฃ˜๐‘ฃƒ๐‘ฃ“๐‘ฃ…๐‘ฃ (gel ลซpunya)
15 (๐‘ฃก๐‘ฃฅ) ๐‘ฃ‹๐‘ฃˆ๐‘ฃš ๐‘ฃ–๐‘ฃ‰๐‘ฃ๐‘ฃ (gel moรฑa)
16 (๐‘ฃก๐‘ฃฆ) ๐‘ฃ‹๐‘ฃˆ๐‘ฃš ๐‘ฃ•๐‘ฃƒ๐‘ฃœ๐‘ฃƒ๐‘ฃ (gel turua)
17 (๐‘ฃก๐‘ฃง) ๐‘ฃ‹๐‘ฃˆ๐‘ฃš ๐‘ฃ๐‘ฃˆ๐‘ฃ (gel aea)
18 (๐‘ฃก๐‘ฃจ) ๐‘ฃ‹๐‘ฃˆ๐‘ฃš ๐‘ฃ†๐‘ฃœ๐‘ฃ‚๐‘ฃš๐‘ฃ…๐‘ฃ (gel ฤซrilya)
19 (๐‘ฃก๐‘ฃฉ) ๐‘ฃ‹๐‘ฃˆ๐‘ฃš ๐‘ฃ๐‘ฃœ๐‘ฃˆ๐‘ฃ (gel area)
20 (๐‘ฃซ) ๐‘ฃ™๐‘ฃ‚๐‘ฃž๐‘ฃ‚ (hisi)
21 (๐‘ฃซ๐‘ฃก) ๐‘ฃ™๐‘ฃ‚๐‘ฃž๐‘ฃ‚ ๐‘ฃ–๐‘ฃ‚๐‘ฃ…๐‘ฃ‘ (hisi miyaแธ)
22 (๐‘ฃซ๐‘ฃข) ๐‘ฃ™๐‘ฃ‚๐‘ฃž๐‘ฃ‚ ๐‘ฃ—๐‘ฃœ๐‘ฃ…๐‘ฃ (hisi baria)
23 (๐‘ฃซ๐‘ฃฃ) ๐‘ฃ™๐‘ฃ‚๐‘ฃž๐‘ฃ‚ ๐‘ฃ๐‘ฃ˜๐‘ฃˆ๐‘ฃ…๐‘ฃ (hisi apeya)
24 (๐‘ฃซ๐‘ฃค) ๐‘ฃ™๐‘ฃ‚๐‘ฃž๐‘ฃ‚ ๐‘ฃ‡๐‘ฃ˜๐‘ฃƒ๐‘ฃ“๐‘ฃ…๐‘ฃ (hisi ลซpunya)
25 (๐‘ฃซ๐‘ฃฅ) ๐‘ฃ™๐‘ฃ‚๐‘ฃž๐‘ฃ‚ ๐‘ฃ–๐‘ฃ‰๐‘ฃ๐‘ฃ (hisi moรฑa)
26 (๐‘ฃซ๐‘ฃฆ) ๐‘ฃ™๐‘ฃ‚๐‘ฃž๐‘ฃ‚ ๐‘ฃ•๐‘ฃƒ๐‘ฃœ๐‘ฃƒ๐‘ฃ (hisi turua)
27 (๐‘ฃซ๐‘ฃง) ๐‘ฃ™๐‘ฃ‚๐‘ฃž๐‘ฃ‚ ๐‘ฃ๐‘ฃˆ๐‘ฃ (hisi aea)
28 (๐‘ฃซ๐‘ฃจ) ๐‘ฃ™๐‘ฃ‚๐‘ฃž๐‘ฃ‚ ๐‘ฃ†๐‘ฃœ๐‘ฃ‚๐‘ฃš๐‘ฃ…๐‘ฃ (hisi ฤซrilya)
29 (๐‘ฃซ๐‘ฃฉ) ๐‘ฃ™๐‘ฃ‚๐‘ฃž๐‘ฃ‚ ๐‘ฃ๐‘ฃœ๐‘ฃˆ๐‘ฃ (hisi area)
30 (๐‘ฃฌ) ๐‘ฃ™๐‘ฃ‚๐‘ฃž๐‘ฃ‚ ๐‘ฃ‹๐‘ฃˆ๐‘ฃš๐‘ฃˆ๐‘ฃ…๐‘ฃ (hisi geleya)
40 (๐‘ฃญ) ๐‘ฃ—๐‘ฃœ ๐‘ฃ™๐‘ฃ‚๐‘ฃž๐‘ฃ‚ (bar hisi)
50 (๐‘ฃฎ) ๐‘ฃ—๐‘ฃœ ๐‘ฃ™๐‘ฃ‚๐‘ฃž๐‘ฃ‚ ๐‘ฃ‹๐‘ฃˆ๐‘ฃš๐‘ฃˆ๐‘ฃ…๐‘ฃ (bar hisi geleya)
60 (๐‘ฃฏ) ๐‘ฃ๐‘ฃ˜๐‘ฃˆ ๐‘ฃ™๐‘ฃ‚๐‘ฃž๐‘ฃ‚ (ape hisi)
70 (๐‘ฃฐ) ๐‘ฃ๐‘ฃ˜๐‘ฃˆ ๐‘ฃ™๐‘ฃ‚๐‘ฃž๐‘ฃ‚ ๐‘ฃ‹๐‘ฃˆ๐‘ฃš๐‘ฃˆ๐‘ฃ…๐‘ฃ (ape hisi geleya)
80 (๐‘ฃฑ) ๐‘ฃ‡๐‘ฃ˜๐‘ฃƒ๐‘ฃ“ ๐‘ฃ™๐‘ฃ‚๐‘ฃž๐‘ฃ‚ (ลซpun hisi)
90 (๐‘ฃฒ) ๐‘ฃ‡๐‘ฃ˜๐‘ฃƒ๐‘ฃ“ ๐‘ฃ™๐‘ฃ‚๐‘ฃž๐‘ฃ‚ ๐‘ฃ‹๐‘ฃˆ๐‘ฃš๐‘ฃˆ๐‘ฃ…๐‘ฃ (ลซpun hisi geleya)
100 (๐‘ฃฅ๐‘ฃซ) ๐‘ฃ–๐‘ฃ‰๐‘ฃ‚ ๐‘ฃ™๐‘ฃ‚๐‘ฃž๐‘ฃ‚ (moi hisi)
200 (๐‘ฃช๐‘ฃซ) ๐‘ฃ‹๐‘ฃˆ๐‘ฃš ๐‘ฃ™๐‘ฃ‚๐‘ฃž๐‘ฃ‚ (gel hisi)
300 (๐‘ฃช๐‘ฃฅ๐‘ฃซ) ๐‘ฃ‹๐‘ฃˆ๐‘ฃš ๐‘ฃ–๐‘ฃ‰๐‘ฃ‚ ๐‘ฃ™๐‘ฃ‚๐‘ฃž๐‘ฃ‚ (gel moi hisi)

Hear some Ho numbers:

Sources: Ho grammar, with vocabulary, Lionel Burrows, 1915.

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