Ho numbers

How to count in Ho (𑢹𑣉𑣉 𑣎𑣋𑣜 / hōō jagara), a Munda language spoken mainly in the Indian states of Jharkhand, Orissa and West Bengal.

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Numeral Cardinal
1 (𑣡) 𑣖𑣂𑣅𑣑 (miyaḍ)
2 (𑣢) 𑣗𑣜𑣅𑣁 (baria)
3 (𑣣) 𑣁𑣘𑣈𑣅𑣁 (apeya)
4 (𑣤) 𑣇𑣘𑣃𑣓𑣅𑣁 (ūpunya)
5 (𑣥) 𑣖𑣉𑣍𑣁 (moña)
6 (𑣦) 𑣕𑣃𑣜𑣃𑣁 (turua)
7 (𑣧) 𑣁𑣈𑣁 (aea)
8 (𑣨) 𑣆𑣜𑣂𑣚𑣅𑣁 (īrilya)
9 (𑣩) 𑣁𑣜𑣈𑣁 (area)
10 (𑣪) 𑣋𑣈𑣚𑣈𑣅𑣁 (geleya)
11 (𑣡𑣡) 𑣋𑣈𑣚 𑣖𑣂𑣅𑣑 (gel miyaḍ)
12 (𑣡𑣢) 𑣋𑣈𑣚 𑣗𑣜𑣅𑣁 (gel baria)
13 (𑣡𑣣) 𑣋𑣈𑣚 𑣁𑣘𑣈𑣅𑣁 (gel apeya)
14 (𑣡𑣤) 𑣋𑣈𑣚 𑣇𑣘𑣃𑣓𑣅𑣁 (gel ūpunya)
15 (𑣡𑣥) 𑣋𑣈𑣚 𑣖𑣉𑣍𑣁 (gel moña)
16 (𑣡𑣦) 𑣋𑣈𑣚 𑣕𑣃𑣜𑣃𑣁 (gel turua)
17 (𑣡𑣧) 𑣋𑣈𑣚 𑣁𑣈𑣁 (gel aea)
18 (𑣡𑣨) 𑣋𑣈𑣚 𑣆𑣜𑣂𑣚𑣅𑣁 (gel īrilya)
19 (𑣡𑣩) 𑣋𑣈𑣚 𑣁𑣜𑣈𑣁 (gel area)
20 (𑣫) 𑣙𑣂𑣞𑣂 (hisi)
21 (𑣫𑣡) 𑣙𑣂𑣞𑣂 𑣖𑣂𑣅𑣑 (hisi miyaḍ)
22 (𑣫𑣢) 𑣙𑣂𑣞𑣂 𑣗𑣜𑣅𑣁 (hisi baria)
23 (𑣫𑣣) 𑣙𑣂𑣞𑣂 𑣁𑣘𑣈𑣅𑣁 (hisi apeya)
24 (𑣫𑣤) 𑣙𑣂𑣞𑣂 𑣇𑣘𑣃𑣓𑣅𑣁 (hisi ūpunya)
25 (𑣫𑣥) 𑣙𑣂𑣞𑣂 𑣖𑣉𑣍𑣁 (hisi moña)
26 (𑣫𑣦) 𑣙𑣂𑣞𑣂 𑣕𑣃𑣜𑣃𑣁 (hisi turua)
27 (𑣫𑣧) 𑣙𑣂𑣞𑣂 𑣁𑣈𑣁 (hisi aea)
28 (𑣫𑣨) 𑣙𑣂𑣞𑣂 𑣆𑣜𑣂𑣚𑣅𑣁 (hisi īrilya)
29 (𑣫𑣩) 𑣙𑣂𑣞𑣂 𑣁𑣜𑣈𑣁 (hisi area)
30 (𑣬) 𑣙𑣂𑣞𑣂 𑣋𑣈𑣚𑣈𑣅𑣁 (hisi geleya)
40 (𑣭) 𑣗𑣜 𑣙𑣂𑣞𑣂 (bar hisi)
50 (𑣮) 𑣗𑣜 𑣙𑣂𑣞𑣂 𑣋𑣈𑣚𑣈𑣅𑣁 (bar hisi geleya)
60 (𑣯) 𑣁𑣘𑣈 𑣙𑣂𑣞𑣂 (ape hisi)
70 (𑣰) 𑣁𑣘𑣈 𑣙𑣂𑣞𑣂 𑣋𑣈𑣚𑣈𑣅𑣁 (ape hisi geleya)
80 (𑣱) 𑣇𑣘𑣃𑣓 𑣙𑣂𑣞𑣂 (ūpun hisi)
90 (𑣲) 𑣇𑣘𑣃𑣓 𑣙𑣂𑣞𑣂 𑣋𑣈𑣚𑣈𑣅𑣁 (ūpun hisi geleya)
100 (𑣥𑣫) 𑣖𑣉𑣂 𑣙𑣂𑣞𑣂 (moi hisi)
200 (𑣪𑣫) 𑣋𑣈𑣚 𑣙𑣂𑣞𑣂 (gel hisi)
300 (𑣪𑣥𑣫) 𑣋𑣈𑣚 𑣖𑣉𑣂 𑣙𑣂𑣞𑣂 (gel moi hisi)

Hear some Ho numbers:

Sources: Ho grammar, with vocabulary, Lionel Burrows, 1915.

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