Bantayanon is a member of the Central Bisayan branch of the Philippine language family. It is spoken by about 71,600 people on Bantayan and nearby islands in Cebu Province in the Central Visayas region of the Philippines.

Bantayanon can be written with the Latin alphabet, however it rarely is and has no literary history.

Latin alphabet for Bantayanon

Latin alphabet for Bantayanon

Download an alphabet chart for Bantayanon (Excel)


Sample text

Ang na ano ko, ang naintindihan ko nga may punot kag may isda, kag nag kinaon, kag nagsina-ot. A, amo ina naintindihan ko nga hambal ya. Ano to hambal ya, nga nagbaligya kuno papel? Nagbaligya kuno siya papel. Iyon naintindihan ko eh, amo na.


What I understood was that there was a fish trap and fish, and they ate, and they danced. That's what I understood about what she said. What was she saying, that she sold paper? That's what I understood.

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Information about Bantayanon

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