Capiznon (Kapisnon)

Capiznon is a member of the Central Bisayan branch of Philippine language family. It is spoken in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines, particularly in the Province of Capiz in the north of Panay Island, and also in Balasan in the neighbouring Province of Iloilo. In the year 2000 there were about 639,000 speakers of Capiznon, which is also known as Binisaya, Binisaya nga Capiznon, Bisaya, Capisano, Capiseño or Capizeño. The name Capiznon comes from kapis, a kind of seashell used to make window panes, and non (people).

Capiznon is closely related to Hiligaynon and more or less mutually intelligible with it, however, Capiznon contains more words borrowed from Akeanon and Waray.

Capiznon alphabet

Capiznon alphabet and pronunciation

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Sample text

This is O, Capiz, the official provincial anthem of Capiz province. It was written by Charmaine O. Guartero, a music teacher at Filamer Christian University, who won a competition sponsored by the province. It was first performed in public on 23rd June 2006. You can hear a recording of it below.

O, Capiz duog nga hamili
Dunang manggad sang Dios pinili.
Kadagatan mo kag kabukiran.
Pagatatapon imong kabugana-an.

Capiz matahum nga ngalan.
Sa tagui-pusuon ikaw mapahamtang.
Dumulu-ong ka, o Capizeño man ang kagayun.
Sa gihapon, mahamutan.

O, Capiz, Capiz
Bisan diin kami padulong
O, Capiz, Capiz
Imo ngalan pagadal-on

Capiz, probinsiya nga pinasahi.
Bilidhon ang mga palanubli-on
Ipadayon, palig-unon, itib-ong Capiznon.
Tanan, magahugpong.


Oh, beloved Capiz
By the power of God
The mountains and the seas,
Are well taken care of.

Capiz, what a beautiful name.
Your heart will be at peace.
Come, oh, Capiznon you still will be.
Now and forever.

Oh Capiz, Capiz
Wherever we may go
Oh Capiz, Capiz
We will carry your name.

Capiz, the exceptional province
We will carry on the tradition
As proud Capiznons
Everyone unite.


Sample videos in Capiznon

Information about Capiznon | Phrases | Numbers


Information about Capiznon language and culture

Phrases in Capiznon

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