Chimalapa Zoque (aŋpʉn)

Chimalapa Zoque is a member of the Zoque branch of the Mixe-Zoquean language family. It is spoken by about 4,500 people in the State of Oaxaca in southern Mexico, particularly in the municipalities of San Miguel Chimalapa and Santa María Chimalapa. There are different versions of the language in each of these places, which are largely mutually intelligible. The majority of Chimalapa Zoque speakers are over 40 years old, and the language is not being passed on to children. Therefore it is considered endangered.

Chimalapa Zoque is also known Oaxaca Zoque, or zoque del oeste (Eastern Zoque) in Spanish.

Chimalapa Zoque is traditionally an oral language with a rich oral literature. Ways to write the language with the Latin alphabet were first developed in the 1970s.

Chimalapa Zoque alphabet

Chimalapa Zoque alphabet

Download an alphabet chart for Chimalapa Zoque (Excel)

Sample text

Yʉ'p tumʉ historia de tumʉ pʉn cuando mʉ'a yacca'juʉ. Ca'p jocscu'y aŋsʉŋ y c'ap ca pʉn cada jama huo'ttʉ yujcu'yjo'. Ney ca'y yossʉji cada jama ca mʉ'a ʉy issʉ. Tumʉ jama ʉy issʉ mactasaŋ ca mʉ'a y as nʉmmʉ ca pʉn: —Malaya ʉn tujcu'y para que ʉn yacca'jpa te mʉ'a, pero tiene que ʉn tujcu'y octze'ccʉ —nʉmmʉ ca pʉn.

Translation (Spanish)

Esta es la historia de un hombre que mató un venado. Sucedió durante la época en que se limpia el maíz. Cada día veía venados done él estaba trabajando. Un día vio cuatro venados y dijo: --: Ojalá qu tuviera un rifle para mater uno!

Source: Te mʉꞌa y Te picuyoyatʉgay (El venado y Los marines / The Deer and The Javelinas), by Lucio G. González.

Sample video in Chimalapa Zoque

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