Texistepec (Wää 'oot)

Texistepec is a member of the Gulf Zoque branch of the Mixe-Zoquean language family. It is spoken in and around the town of Texistepec in the south of Veracruz State in southeastern Mexico. According to a 2020 census, Texistepec has 370 speakers, all of whom are elderly. Efforts are being made to revitalize the language.

Texistepec is also known Texistepec Popoluca, Texistepec Zoque, Popoluca de Texistepec or zoque de Texistepec. Native speakers call it Wää 'oot. It is written with the Latin alphabet, and there appear to be several spelling systems.

Texistepec alphabet

Texistepec alphabet

Download an alphabet chart for Texistepec (Excel)

Sample text

Yä'äpä tum beshdʸa'a da'aṉma. Pyoykpa't tum unbanbeeshe'. Jesa pyokpa't, ma'te joṉjoṉ'yaj. Byoṉyaj ntuumo'omche. I tum byaje ma' däkyajam.
—¡Däk ta me'tz che' ta nkä'äsp!


This was an old cat [that] met a new cat. When he found him, they began to walk [together] and sleep in one place. And once they were.
—Let's find what we're going to eat!

Source: https://www.academia.edu/13245801/Cuentos_y_colorados_en_popoluca_de_Texistepec

Information about Texistepec | Numbers


Information about Texistepec

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