Northern Emberá (Emberá)

Northern Emberá is a Chocoan language spoken mainly in northwestern Colombia, and also in southeastern Panama. In Colombia Northern Emberá is spoken in Antioquia and Chocó departments, and in 2001 there were about 49,700 speakers. In Panama it is spoken in the provinces of Darién, Chepigana and Emberá, and there were about 22,500 speakers in 2012.

Northern Emberá is also known as Atrato, Chocó, Cholo, Darien, Darien Emberá, Ebera Bedea, Empera or Panama Emberá. Northern Emberá is consider part of a group of dialects of Emberá which are divided into two groups: northern dialects and southern dialects. The northern group includes Northern Emberá and Katío (Emberá-Catío).

Northern Emberá alphabets and pronunciation

Northern Emberá alphabet and pronunciation

Download an alphabet chart for Northern Emberá (Excel)

Sample text (The Lord's Prayer

Dairã Zeza bajãne ɓʉ, jũmarãba bʉra wayaɗida panʉa. Daiba quĩrĩã panʉa bʉra jũmarã Boro bai carea isabe zeida. Quĩrĩã panʉa bʉa quĩrĩã ɓʉra naʉ̃ ẽjũãnebemarãba oɗida, bajãnebemarãba obada quĩrãca. Coɗira ewariza daia diadua. Dairãba cadjirua opeɗaɗara quĩrãdoadua, dairã biẽ́ obʉdara daiba quĩrãdoabada quĩrãca. Dairãra cadjiruaɗe idu ɓaebirãdua, ãtebʉrʉ cadjiruaɗebemada ẽdrʉ ɓʉdua. Bʉa jũmarãda poya ɓʉa, bʉra dji ʉɓʉara ɓʉa idjaɓa ewariza dji dromaara ɓʉa.

Details provided by Michael Peter Füstumum

Sample video in Northern Emberá

Information about Northern Emberá | Tower of Babel


Information about Northern Emberá

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