Kashibo (Cacataibo)

Kashibo is a Panoan language spoken in the Ucayali, Loreto and Huanuco regions of Peru, along the Aguaytía, San Alejandro and Súngaro rivers. In 2007 there were about 1,200 speakers of Kashibo, which is also known as Cachibo, Cacibo, Cahivo, Caxibo, Cashibo-Cacataibo, Hagueti, Kashibo or Managua.

Dialects of Kashibo include Kashibo, Rubo/Isunbo, Kakataibo and Nokaman.

Kashibo has official status in the area where it is most spoken. It is used in schools to some extent, and there is some literature in the language.

Kashibo alphabet and pronunciation

Kashibo alphabet and pronunciation

Download an alphabet chart for Kashibo

Sample text

Ui uni cara 'iti icë axbi ca bëtsi unibë gobiernonën iscëx sënën ití icën. Ui cara ain tita ain papa 'iaxa quixun sinanquinma ca gobiernonën sinancëx ax bëtsibë sënën 'icën. Camaxunbi ca sinanti 'unanin. Camaxunbi ca añu ñu ati cara asábi 'icën, añu ñu 'ati cara 'aisama 'icë quixun 'unanti 'icën. Usa 'ain ca camaxbi ain xucënbë 'icësaribiti nuiananti 'icën.

Sample of spoken Kashibo

Information about Kashibo | Tower of Babel


Information about Kashibo

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