Sipakapense (Ri Qyolb’al)

Sipakapense belongs to the Quichean-Mamean branch of the Mayan language family. It is spoken by about 4,160 people in western Guatemala, particularly in the municipality of Sipacapa in the department of San Marcos.

Sipakapense is also known as Sipaka, Sipacapa, Sipacapa Quiché, Sipacapense or Sipacapeño. The name Sipakapense comes from the Nahuatl Sipaktlipan, and means "place of the lizard".

Sipakapense is written with the Latin alphabet, although few Sipakapense speakers are literate in their language. It is an officially recognized language in Guatemala.

Sipakapense alphabet and pronunciation

Sipakapense alphabet and pronunciation

Download an alphabet chart for Sipakapense (Excel)

Sample text

Ri ka’yb’al ib’

Wa’ wochb’laal are’ ri jun ka’yb’al ib’
Are’ jun q’uus laj no’jneem
No’j chanim amal., jro’q ttzatzik
¡qatz are’ nk’isb’al. "Katinlq’oj"!


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Information about Sipakapense

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