Southern Sámi (Åarjelsaemien gïele)

Southern Sámi is a variety of Western Sámi spoken in parts of Norway and Sweden. In Norway it is spoken mainly in Hedmark and Nord-Trøndelag counties in the municipalities of Snåsa, Røyrvik, Røros and Hattfjelldal. In Sweden it is spoken in Jamtland, Dalarna and Vasterbotten counties. In 1992 there were about 600 speakers of Southern Sámi: 300 in Norway and 300 in Sweden.

The Southern Sámi orthography currently in use was approved by the Sámi Language Board in 1976. Only a few books have been published Southern Sámi, including Southern Sámi-Norwegian dictionary.

Southern Sámi is taught in nursery and primary schools in Snåsa and Hattfjelldal, and in a number of high schools. There are also courses in Southern Sámi in one college, and local newspapers publish articles in the language. Efforts are being made to widen its use.

Southern Sámi alphabet (åarjelsaemien gïele aalfabeete)

Southern Sámi alphabet


Southern Sámi pronunciation (northern dialect)

Southern Sámi pronunciation


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Sample text in Southern Sámi

Vuelie hov aalka buerkiestidh gåmmebem, Aanna, jïh fierhten beajjetje guvviem dej guaktaj jielemisnie lea. Iemie deahpadimmieh, tjelmiej uvte guvvieh båetieh, guktie govltelæjja vuajna guktie Aanna lea gåetesne nosseminie, dållem nastehteminie. Altese sijjiem dej guaktaj ektievyösemisnie daennie dajvesne, altese barkoem, gåetieiemedine. Jïh seammaaejkien joejkije måjhta guktie jïenehke lea tsoevtsesne jårreminie. Mijjieh hov aerviedibie lea buaredh jïh baahke giesiebiejjen, ihke bovtse bijjene vaeresne jårreminie gårmaj laaremistie. Dagke mujhtehte bovtsem gosse vuajna govnh jïh sjïjlh seamma laakan bïjre svïhtjeminie, jårreminie gosse nastehte. Jis naan aejkien nimhtie tjahkesjamme dållen sjïjlide giehtjedamme, dellie hov aelhkie guarkedh magkarine damtesisnie jïh meanosne Næjla Meehte lij, raaktan goh sealoe geavoemisnie gosse gïehtjede sjïjlh jårreminie. Aelhkebe aaj baajedh åssjalommeside juhtiehtidh gosse nimhtie tjahkesjen, jïh hævvi aaj vualan skejkiehtidh dagkarine domtesisnie.


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