Kildin Sámi (Кӣллт са̄мь кӣлл)

Kildin Sámi is an Eastern Sámi language spoken on the Kola peninsula of Russia by about 600 people. While the largest concentration of speakers is around Lovozero (Луяввьр), there are speakers of Kildin Sámi throughout the Kola peninsula. Although Kildin Sámi is the largest of the Eastern Sámi languages in terms of number of speakers, only about 100 people use it as an everyday language.

Kildin Sámi has four dialects: the Kīllt dialect, the Koarrdegk dialect, the Lujavvʼr dialect and the Arsjogk dialect. It has absorbed quite a lot of vocabulary from Russian, and also from Norwegian, Karelian and Finnish, and is most closely related to Ter Sámi and Akkala Sámi, which is sometimes considered a dialect of Kildin Sámi.

The first book written (partly) in Kildin Saami was a translation of the Gospel of Matthew (Махтьвеест пась-евангели) published by the Finnish Literature Society in 1878 and written in the Cyrillic alphabet.

Kildin Sámi was written using a version of the Latin alphabet in the 1930s, when a number of school books for children were produced. The language was taught in schools and a literary language developed, though from the late 1930s due to changes in policy, Kildin Sámi was no longer used in literature.

After the Second World War research into Sámi language and culture started again, and a work on Kildin Saami phonology, morphology and syntax by the linguist G. Kert was published in 1971. A new Cyrillic-based orthography was developed from 1979 and made public in 1982 with the publication of Kildin Saami-Russian dictionaries and primary school textbooks. It was widely accepted by 1987.

In 2008 a short weekly news bulletin in Kildin Sámi started broadcasting on NRK, a Norwegian radio station.

Kildin Sámi alphabet and pronunciation

Kildin Sámi alphabet and pronunciation


Download alphabet charts for Sámi languages (Excel)

Sample text in Kildin Sámi

Коаллэш са̄мь о̄ллма, пӯаррса кӣдт о̄ллма Шӯрр Шаннт Е̄ммьне туар ветеран! Мыйй тӣрвхэпь тӣнэтъ шӯрр вуэjтемь пӣййвенъ, коаллэш ветеран!!! Мӣнэсть лӣ шӯрр па̄ссьпэмушш тыйе мӣн ажь, вӣлльй, енъ я вуэррьпэнъ, штэ лоаjетъ мыйе мырр я̄лмуж. 9 пеййв майй ма̄нэсьт лӣ шурр роамм пра̄зднэhкь кэнньлегуэйм. Мыйй мушшьтэппь, манътэ вӣгэтъ пыетъ тыйй туаррэмь. Ва̄ллт я̄ллмуж эвтэсьт. Па̄ссьпе я е̄ммьне райя коаммрэллэпь тыйе мӣн пуаррса са̄мь кидт оллма!

Тӣнэт тирваhт Куэллнегк нёарк Са̄мь Соббар.

Russian Translation

Дорогие саамы, старшее поколение, ветераны Великой отечественной войны! Мы поздравляем ВАС с великим ДНЕМ ПОБЕДЫ! Мы говорим ВАМ огромное СПАСИБО, Вам, наши отцы, братья, матери, сестры, за то, что Вы подарили нам мирную жизнь! 9 мая - большой счастливый праздник со слезами на глазах. Мы помним какие силы отдали Вы за свободную жизнь. СПАСИБО и до самой земли Вам низкий поклон, дорогие ветераны!!!

Вас поздравляет Саамский парламент Кольского полуострова.


Sample videos in Kildin Sámi

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саамско-русский словарь и грамматику (Sámi-Russian dictionary and grammar):

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