Ta’Oi (ຕາໂອ້ຍອ໌‎)

Ta’Oi is a member of the Katuic branch of the Austroasiatic language family. It is spoken in southern Laos and central Vietnam by about 220,000 people. In Laos it is spoken in Salavan and Sekong provinces, while in Vietnam it is spoken in Thừa Thiên-Huế province.

Ta’Oi is also known as Ta’oih, Tau-Oi, Ta Oi, Taoy, Ta-ôi, Taoih or Ta’uaih. There are several varieties of Ta’Oi which are classified as separate languages in some sources. These include Ta’Oi proper, Ong, Chatong, Kriang and Kataang. They are also known by other names, such as Upper Ta’oih, Lower Ta’oih and Ir.

Ta’Oi is not usually written. The chart below shows a way to write the Kataang dialect (a.k.a. Katang-Ta’oi) with the Lao alphabet devised by Feikje van der Haak of SIL (Summer Institute of Linguistics).

Lao alphabet for Ta’Oi

Lao alphabet for Ta’Oi

Download an alphabet chart for Ta’Oi

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Information about Ta’Oi

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Languages written with the Lao script

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