Tii is a member of the Timoric branch of thte Malayo-Polynesian language family It is spoken in Indonesia by about 20,000 people (in 2002). Tii speakers live in the southwest of Rote Island in the Lesser Sunda Islands province. Tii is also known as Western Rote, Rote, Rote Barat, Roti, Rotinese, Thie or Ti.

Tii alphabet and pronunciation

Tii alphabet and pronunciation

c, q, sy, x and z are only used in loanwords and foreign names.

Download an alphabet chart for Tii (Excel)

Sample text (The Lord's Prayer

Amak manai nusa tetuk do inggu temak. Amak naden malalaok mateꞌen. Naa fo basa hatahorir rakadedemak Amak naden ta neni babanggak. Naa fo Amak dadi Manek soa-neu basa hatahorir. Naa fo basa hatahorir tao tungga Amak parendan nai dae-bafok ia, sama leo Amak atan nara tao tungga Amak parendan nai nusa tetuk do inggu temak. Amak tulun fee ai nanaꞌak mana daik tungga faik. Ai moke-hule Amak koka heni ai sala-singgon nara, sama leo ai oo lilii heni basa hatahorir salan fo ara tao neu ai boe. Amak, manea fo ai ta tao manggarauk. Ma tao masoi-masoda ai numa nitu koasan mai.

Details of the Tii alphabet and sample text provided by Michael Peter Füstumum

Information about Tii | Tower of Babel


Information about Tii

Timoric languages

Amarasi, Dawan, Galoli, Helong, Tetum, Tii, Western Rote

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