Tiriyó (tarëno ijomi)

Tiriyó is a Cariban language spoken in southern Suriname and northeastern Brazil. In Suriname it is spoken in Sipaliwini district on the Sipaliwini, Palumeu and Tapanahoni rivers. In Brazil it is spoken in Pará state on the Paru and Marapi rivers. In 2012 there were about 1,300 speakers of Tiriyó in Suriname and 1,160 in Brazil.

Tiriyó is spoken by people of all ages, including children, and perhaps half of speakers are monolingual in Tiriyó. It is not used in schools as it is not considered an an appropriate subject.

Tiriyó belongs to the Taranoan group of the Guianan sub-branch of the Cariban language family. Closely related languages include Karihona (Carijona) and Akurio.

Tiriyó pronunciation

Tiriyó pronunciation

Sample text (Lord's Prayer)

Irëmë serë apo ëturutë ija, Pahko kaputaono, Irïpïmïn ëmërëm, Kurerën ëeka tïrïpo. Ëjanoroton imonkë ëwemoitïmatome. Ënehtë rïto kaputaontomoja, irë aporopa nonopontomoja tïrïpokë. Wei wararë ainja uruntëkë. Ainja irïpïhpë waken tïrïkë. Ainja ihkërënmatoponpë tïwërënoroja, eponata ainja iwehto aporopa. Ainja inkuhpoewa ehkë irïpïrïja, Ainja ipïnmakë irïpïpëe.

Source: http://www.christusrex.com/www1/pater/JPN-trio.html

Sample video in Tiriyó (and Dutch)


Information about the Tiriyó language

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