Yurutí is an Eastern Tucanoan language spoken by about 1,200 people mainly in southeastern Colombia, and also in northwestern Brazil. In particular, it is spoken along the Paca and Cano Tí rivers, tributaries of the Vaupés river in the Department of Vaupés in Colombia, and in the Alto Rio Negro Indigenous Territory in northwest of Amazonas State in Brazil.

Yurutí is also known as Juriti, Yutiti-Tapuyo or Wayiara. The people who speak it call themselves Wayiara ("fish people"). It is written with the Latin alphabet.

Yurutí alphabet and pronunciation

Yurutí alphabet and pronunciation

Other letters may be used in names and words borrowed from other languages.

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Sample text

Boweriwatoa dase, dósemena día sotoa toa yáara tiiyúra. Tairo tiirí watoa, basocápe toa séera eayura. Basocá earemena, dase, dósemena día sotoa pesariara wáadisuayura.

Source: Bue, ojare wajiárayemena 1

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Information about Yurutí

Tucanoan languages

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