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Kinship terms in Scottish Gaelic (Gàidhlig)

Words for family members and other relatives in Scottish Gaelic, a Goidelic Celtic language spoken mainly in Scotland.

Key to abbreviations: m = male, f = female, mat = maternal, pat = paternal

  Scottish Gaelic (Gàidhlig)
family teaghlach (family/household)
muinntir (family/relatives)
clann (children)
parents pàrantan
father athair / dadaidh
mother màthair / mamaidh
children clann / pàisdean
son mac
daughter nighean
husband fear
wife bean
brother bràthair
sister piuthar / siùir
uncle bràthair-athar (father's brother)
bràthair-màthar (mother's brother)
aunt athaireag / bràithreag (pat)
piuthar-athar (father's sister)
màithrean (mat)
piuthar-màthar (mother's sister)
cousin co-ogha
mac-bràthair-athar (father's brother's son)
nighean-bràthair-athar (father's brother's daughter)
mac-piuthair-athar (father's sister's son)
nighean-piuthair-athar (father's sister's daughter)
mac-bràthair-màthar (mother's brother's son)
nighean-bràthair-màthar (mother's brother's daughter)
mac piuthair-màthar (mother's sister's son)
nighean-piuthair-màthar (mother's sister's daughter)
nephew mac-bràthar (brother's son)
mac-peathar (sister's son)
niece banta / gairghean / gair-inghean / nigh
grandparents seann-phàrantan
grandfather seanair
grandmother seanmhair
grandchildren ogha
grandson garbhach / gar-mhac
granddaughter ban-ogha
great grandfather sinn-seanair
great grandmother sinn-seanmhair
great uncle bràthair-seanair (grandfather's brother)
bràthair-seanmhar (grandmother's sister)
great aunt piuthar-seanar (grandfather's sister)
piuthar-seanmhar (grandmother's sister)
father-in-law athair-cèile
mother-in-law màthair-chèile
brother-in-law bràthair-cèile
sister-in-law piuthar-chèile

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