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Kinship terms in Kadazandusun

Words for family members and other relatives in Kadazandusun, a Malayo-Polynesian language spoken in Sabah on Borneo in Malaysia.

Key to abbreviations: inf = informal, n = noun, ad = addressing, >m = said to males, >f said to females, + = elder, - = younger, sg = singular, pl = plural

family Paganakan
parents Molohing (sg)
Komolohingan (pl)
father Tapa (n), Apa, Yapa (ad)
Tama (n), Ama, Yama (ad)
mother Tina (n), Ina (ad)
Tidi (n), Idi (ad)
children Tanak (sg)
Tangaanak (pl)
son Tanak kusai (n)
Ondu (ad, >m)
daughter Tanak tondu (n)
Ugou (ad, >f)
husband Sawo
wife Sawo
Siblings Mogiobpinai
brother Tabang (n, +), abang (ad, +)
Tadi kusai (n, -), adi (ad, -)
Tobpinai kusai (n), obpinai (ad)
sister Taka (n, +), aka (ad, +)
Tadi tondu (n, -), adi (ad, -)
Tobpinai tondu (n), obpinai (ad)
uncle Taman, Maman (n)
Aman, Amai, Gaman (ad)
aunt Minan (n), Inan, Inai (ad)
cousin Pinsan (n), Obpinai (ad)
nephew Manangaman (male's nephew)
Mononginan (female's nephew)
Kamanakon kusai (pl)
Ondu (ad, >m)
Ugou (ad, >f)
niece Manangaman (male's nephew)
Mononginan (female's nephew)
Kamanakon tondu (pl)
Ondu (ad, >m)
Ugou (ad, >f)
grandfather Taki (n), Aki (ad)
grandmother Todu (n), Odu (ad)
grandchildren Manangaki (male's grandchild)
Monongodu (female's grandchild)
Ondu (ad, >m)
Ugou (ad, >f)
grandson Manangaki (male's grandchild)
Monongodu (female's grandchild)
Ondu (ad, >m)
granddaughter Manangaki (male's grandchild)
Monongodu (female's grandchild)
Ugou (ad, >f)
father-in-law Tiwanon (n), Iwanon (ad)
mother-in-law Tiwanon (n), Iwanon (ad)
son-in-law Monongiwan (n)
daughter-in-law Monongiwan (n)
brother-in-law Asi, Gasi (ad)
sister-in-law Along, Galong (ad)

Information provided by Lesley Housten C Kibat

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