Kinship terms in Norwegian

Words for family members and other relatives in Norwegian, a North Germanic language spoken mainly in Norway.

Key to abbreviations: m = male, f = female, pt = paternal (father's side), mt = maternal (mother's side).

  norsk (Norwegian)
family familie
parents foreldre
father far; pappa
mother mamma; mor
children barn
son sønn
daughter datter
husband ektemann
wife kone
brother bror
sister søster
uncle onkel
aunt tante
cousin fetter (m); kusine (f) søskenbarn (pl)
nephew nevø
niece niese
grandparents besteforeldre
grandfather bestefar; farfar (pt); morfar (mt)
grandmother bestemor; farmor (pt); mormor (mt)
grandchildren barnebarn
grandson barnebarn
granddaughter barnebarn
father-in-law svigerfar
mother-in-law svigermor
brother-in-law svoger
sister-in-law svigerinne

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