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Biloxi numbers

How to count in Biloxi (Tanêksąyaa ade), an extinct Siouan language once spoken in parts of Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas.

Click on any of the numbers that are links (blue) to hear them spoken. If you can provide recordings, corrections or additional translations, please contact me.

Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
1 sǫsa tan'nikiyan' (the) first (one)
2 nǫpa  
3 dani  
4 topa  
5 ksani  
6 akuxpe  
7 nąpahudi 1)  
8 dąhudi 1)  
9 ckane  
10 ohi  
11 ohi sǫsaxehe (lit. ‘one sitting on ten’)  
12 ohi nǫpaxehe (lit. ‘two sitting on ten’) etc.  
13 ohi danaxehe  
14 ohi topaxehe  
15 ohi ksanaxehe  
16 ohi akuxpaxehe  
17 ohi nąpahu axehe  
18 ohi dąxu axehe  
19 ohi ckanaxehe  
20 ohi nǫpa  
21 ohi nǫpa sǫsaxehe (lit. ‘one sitting on two tens’)  
22 ohi nǫpa nǫpaxehe (lit. ‘two sitting on two tens’) etc.  
23 ohi nǫpa danaxehe  
24 ohi nǫpa topaxehe  
25 ohi nǫpa ksanaxehe  
26 ohi nǫpa akuxpaxehe  
27 ohi nǫpa nąpahu axehe  
28 ohi nǫpa dąxu axehe  
29 ohi nǫpa ckanaxehe  
30 ohi dani  
40 ohi topa  
50 ohi ksani  
60 ohi akuxpe  
70 ohi nąpahudi  
80 ohi dąhudi  
90 ohi ckane  
100 tsipa  
101 tsipa sǫsaxehe (lit. ‘one sitting on 100’)  
102 tsipa nǫpaxehe  
103 tsipa danaxehe  
111 tsipa ohi sǫsaxehe  
200 tsipa nǫpa  
300 tsipa dani  
400 tsipa topa  
500 tsipa ksani  
600 tsipa akuxpe  
700 tsipa nąpahudi  
800 tsipa dąhudi  
900 tsipa ckane  
1,000 tsipįciyą (lit. ‘old man hundred’)  
once de sǫsa  
twice de nǫpa  
three times de dani  
four times de topa  
five times de ksani  
twofold akipta nǫpa  
threefold akipta dani  
fourfold akipta topa  
tenfold akipta ohi  
one hundredfold akipta tsipa  
one half ukikįke, kįkįke  


- Paul Ferris Enaudi: A Grammar of Biloxi. New York – 1976.
- James Owen Dorsey: A Dictionary of the Biloxi and Ofo Languages. Washington – 1912.

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Information provided by Wolfgang Kuhl

If you would like to make any corrections or additions to this page, or if you can provide recordings, please contact me.

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