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Numbers in Hausa

Information about counting in Hausa, a Chadic language spoken mainly in northern Nigeria and Niger.

Click on any of the numbers that are links (blue) to hear them spoken. If you can provide recordings, corrections or additional translations, please contact me.

Numeral Cardinal numbers Ordinal numbers
0 sifiri  
1 ɗaya na fari (m), na farko (pl) ta fari (f), ta farko (pl)
2 biyu na biyu (m), ta biyu (f)
3 uku na uku (m), ta uku (f)
4 huɗu, fuɗu na huɗu (m), ta huɗu (f)
5 biyar na biyar (m), ta (f) biyar
6 shida, shidda na shida (m), ta shida (f)
7 bakwai, bokoi na bakwai (m), ta bakwai (f)
8 takwas, tokwas, tokos na takwas (m), ta takwas (f)
9 tara na tara (m), ta tara (f)
10 goma, gomiya (pl) is sometimes used to express multiples of ten, e.g. gomiya uku (30) na goma (m), ta goma (f)
11 (goma) sha ɗaya *) na (goma) sha ɗaya
12 (goma) sha biyu na (goma) sha biyu
13 (goma) sha uku na (goma) sha uku
14 (goma) sha huɗu na (goma) sha huɗu
15 (goma) sha biyar na (goma) sha biyar
16 (goma) sha shida na (goma) sha shida
17 (goma) sha bakwai na (goma) sha bakwai
18 (goma) sha takwas, (goma) sha tokwas, ashirin biyu [gaira] babu **) (lit. 20-2) na (goma) sha takwas
19 (goma) sha tara, ashirin ɗaya babu (lit. 20-1; babu = minus) na (goma) sha tara, na ashirin ɗaya babu
20 ashirin, ishirin Note: in counting by twenties hauya and laso (= a score) are especially employed, e.g. hauya uku = sittin (60) na ashirin
21 ashirin da ɗaya na ashirin da ɗaya
22 ashirin da biyu na ashirin da biyu
23 ashirin da uku na ashirin da uku
24 ashirin da huɗu na ashirin da huɗu
25 ashirin da biyar na ashirin da biyar
26 ashirin da shida na ashirin da shida
27 ashirin da bakwai na ashirin da bakwai
28 ashirin da takwas na ashirin da takwas
29 ashirin da tara na ashirin da tara
30 gomiya uku, talatin (Ar), na talatin
40 gomiya huɗu, arba’in (Ar) na arba’in
50 gomiya biyar, hamsin (Ar) na hamsin
60 gomiya shida, sittin (Ar), hauya uku (lit. 20 x 3) na sittin
70 gomiya bakwai, saba’in (Ar) na saba’in
80 gomiya takwas, tamanin (Ar) na tamanin
90 gomiya tara, tis’in (Ar), tisa’in, casa’in; ɗari goma bus, ɗari gaira goma (lit. 100 – 10) na tisa’in
98 ɗari gaira biyu (lit. 100 – 2) na ɗari gaira biyu
99 ɗari gaira ɗaya (lit. 100 – 1) etc. na ɗari gaira ɗaya
100 ɗari, miya, minya, zangu, ɗarur(r)uwa (pl) (e.g. daruruwan manoma = hundreds of farmers) na ɗari
200 ɗari biyu, metan, metin na ɗari biyu
300 ɗari uku na ɗari uku
380 arbaminya gaira ashirin (lit. 400-20) na arbaminya gaira ashirin
400 ɗari huɗu, arbaminya (Ar) na ɗari huɗu, na arbaminya
500 ɗari biyar, hamsamiya, hamsaminya (Ar) na ɗari biyar, na hamsamiya
600 ɗari shida na ɗari shida
700 ɗari bakwai na ɗari bakwai
800 ɗari takwas, ɗari tokwas na ɗari takwas
900 ɗari tara na ɗari tara
1,000 dubu, alif (Ar), zambar na dubu, na kashi ɗaya daga dubu
1,200 alif wa metan na alif wa metan
1,500 alif wa hamsaminya na alif wa hamsaminya
1,820 dubu (alif, zambar) [ɗaya] da ɗari takwas da ashirin na dubu (alif, zambar) [ɗaya] da ɗari takwas da ashirin
1,963 dubu [ɗaya] da ɗari tara da sittin da uku na dubu [ɗaya] da ɗari tara da sittin da uku
1,979 alif da ɗari tara da saba’in da tara na alif da ɗari tara da saba’in da tara
2,000 dubu biyu, alfin, alfyan (Ar) na dubu biyu, alfin, alfyan
3,000 dubu uku, talata (Ar) na dubu uku, na talata
4,000 dubu huɗu, dubu fuɗu, arba (Ar) na dubu huɗu, na dubu fuɗu, na arba
5,000 dubu biyar, hamsa (Ar) na dubu biyar, na hamsa
6,000 dubu shida, sitta (Ar) na dubu shida, na sitta
7,000 dubu bakwai, saba’a (Ar) na dubu bakwai, na saba’a
8,000 dubu takwas, tamani’a, tamaniya (Ar) na dubu takwas, na tamani’a, na tamaniya
9,000 dubu tara, zambar tara, tisi’a na dubu tara, na zambar tara, na tisi’a
10,000 dubu goma, zambar goma na dubu goma, na zambar goma
40,000 dubu arba’in na dubu arba’in
100,000 zambar ɗari na zambar ɗari
999,999 dubu dari tara da gomiya tara da tara, da dari tara da gomiya tara da tara na dubu dari tara da gomiya tara da tara, na da dari tara da gomiya tara da tara
1,000,000 miliyan, miliyoyi (pl), zambar alif, zambar dubu, dubu ɗari goma, alif alif na miliyan
1,000,000,000 miliyan dubu ɗaya, biliyan na miliyan dubu ɗaya
1/2 rabi  
1/3 sulusi  
1/4 rubu’i  
3/4 rubu’i uku  
1/5 humusi  
2/5 biyu cikin biyar, biyu bisa biyar  
1/6 sudusi  
1/7 subu’i  
1/8 sumuni, tumuni  
5/8 biyar bisa takwas  
1/9 tusu’i  
1/10 ushuri, ushiri  
1/11 ɗaya cikin goma sha ɗaya  
1/20 ɗaya bisa ashirin  
1,2 ɗaya da ɗigo biyu  
2 x 3 = 6 biyu sau uku shida ne  
10 x 5 = 50 goma sau biyar daidai da hamsin  
once sau ɗaya  
twice har sau biyu  
thrice sau uku, guda uku  
the first time sau na farko  


Abbreviations: m = masculine; f = feminine; pl = plural; Ar = Arabic



Details about numbers in Hausa

Information compiled by Wolfgang Kuhl

If you would like to make any corrections or additions to this page, or if you can provide recordings, please contact me.

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